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  1. My friends, girlfriends, moms, ex husbands, new wifes, mothers, granddaugthers, boyfriends brother work for SI. I just got of the phone with him, saying the Beta is delayed untill tomorrow. I swear Sorry guys Guess we have to wait another day... On the bright side lets get this monster to 200 pages
  2. Sorry master EDIT: why can i only make 8 posts a day in this forum? Is it because my acc is new? After following the thread for 10 hours yesterday i saw people being able to post way more than 8 posts?
  3. I will go for a save with my club, FC Copenhagen. If you like playing academy teams i would suggest our league competitors, FC Nordsjælland (Denmark). They are a part of the "Right to Dream"-project* (Man City is also part of this), and have one of the youngest starting-11 in all of Europe. FCN has recently hired Michael Essien as a coach and former Arsenal player Johan Djourou as a player. *Right To Dream is a project with many african academys giving young African players the opportunity to become pro football players. This why FCN have been able to attract the
  4. Such a tease :'( Not going to get much work done today im too hyped for FM21...
  5. In FM 20 on my old computer i ran approx. 6 countries, 8-9 leagues. With my new computer with the i7 i ran approx. 16 countries, 20 leagues at the same speed (3,5 * in the ingame menu. Could have selected more but it would cost some simulation speed). So if you ever consider an upgrade i ensure you a notable difference!
  6. I play other games as well but hooooly moly.. The whole FM experience is so much better with a good processor! Been playing FM for 12 years and i have never been as hyped as i am this time.
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