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  1. my lack of knowledge and the misconceptions I had about the players used. For example, I was convinced that a player as complete as Batistuta was used as a complete striker in this formation, when in reality he was an outright scorer, very mobile but who did not participate in the game at all. . I was convinced that Cafu was ultra offensive, because we know how spectacular he was, but in reality, Roma's attack leaned on the left wing, towards Candela (right-handed, by the way). Here is the transcript of my very first attempt: Antoniolli : GK sup Zebina & Zago : CDde
  2. ahah! I wasn't except for responses so fast ! I never share a tactic anywhere and I'm not english speaker, so I will make some errors, but it's ok. Apparently the ME is broken with the ball playing defenders and the goalkeepers distribution. I can relate it because my guys don't respect my instructions, they don't keep the ball, they clear it. I made a save with Fiorentina, the season is almost over and it left 5 games, but I made a lot of errors and approximations the firsts months, that's why I prefer to restart a new fresh game with another team for my test. Because i
  3. Hi guys, I'm actually trying to recreate this tactic on FM21, if someone is interessed, I will share it because it's really fun !
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