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  1. their is also many other issues, zebre and salzberg are not included in domestic cup, registration issues with first team players eligible for b squad in austrian leagues. I was to start off as a french save, but no french reserve team fixtures bar psg. no point in updating the development training with no fixtures to progress. i have stopped playing as i finished a year and second season still no domestic cup inclusions. my view is that SI have sort of scammed us releasing this game early with so many obvious problems. thats my conclusion after finishing a season n trying starts with various
  2. Finished a season with salzburg in austria, they are not included in domestic cup, also juve are not included in their domestic cup. French reserve teams have no schedule and the austrian first division has no regristration rules. If i start my season in england the irish division has been set to default whereas it should be finished. if i start my season in austria, it begins with the last pre season game.
  3. finished my first season with salzburg seeing fixture list of no inclusion in fa cup.. second season and fixtures came out still not included in fa cup and this is the same across all my different saves.. actually then deleted my salzburg save... why are they not included in the domestic cup?
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