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  1. And you win the award of the stupidest comment, congrats ! Don't you even notice that I'm playing with Bayern Munich ? Oh no because you didn't read the post, just posted like a blind fanboy. My main striker is Lewandowski and he's not supposed to score 100% of his one on ones but MAYBE a little more than 10%, I guess ? And having 10 one on ones from long overball each game is not a problem, I guess ? My tactics won me 3 Bundesliga and 2 Champions League but it must bad, I guess. Have you seen me complaining on how I can't win in this game ? No because I DO win, and rather easily. My problem is the highly unrealistic match engine that can be summed up in 90% of impossible longballs followed by 90% of lost 1 on 1s.
  2. Okay sorry I thought the minute was precise enough. Thanks for your answer. I understand the tactical view, but how can all my opponents play like that against a much stronger team ? Also, my tactic asks my players to play with short passes, I should not see 10 long balls over the defenders like that. And strikers like Lewandowski should not miss 7-10 chances EVERY game, especially easy 1 on 1. Oh, and also now Lewandowski is on an impressive run of 4 missed penalties in the last 10 games and Arp missed 100% of his attemps. I get too much penalties in general, but the goal ratio is awful.
  3. Hello everybody, I just had the bingo game, where (almost) everything wrong about the match engine is displayed (pkm attached). Note that this is not a "rare" game, as at least 80% of my games are similar. I guess I'm not the only one seeing this, but the only answer I get everytime is "it's your tactic". Then explain how can it be my tactic with this game : 1st minute of the game : unrealistic long ball over the defenders (all my instructions are on "Much Shorter Passing") for the first 1 on 1 of the game ... lost by my striker. 2nd minute : offside from my striker that doesn't touch the ball (and another impressive save from the GK) 10th minute : PENALTY ! Save by the GK, obviously 20th minute : another brilliant double save from the GK 25th minute : 2nd long ball over the defenders, 2nd 1 on 1, of course lost by my striker (1st post of the game, also) 29th minute : 3rd long ball over the defenders, 3rd 1 on 1 lost by my striker 39th minute : 4th long ball over the defenders, 4th 1 on 1, lost again 45th minute : 2nd post 45'+3 minute : 5th long ball over the defenders, 5th 1 on 1 lost 50th minute : another double save from the GK 62th minute : 6th long ball over the defenders, 6th 1 on 1 lost 63th minute : GOAL ! Or not, offside from the VAR (like 100% of VAR checks) 75th minute : 7th long ball over the defenders, 7th 1 on 1 lost 79th minute : 8th long ball over the defenders, 8th 1 on 1 lost 90+1th minute : 9th long ball over the defenders, 9th 1 on 1 lost and 3rd post 91th minute : 10th 1 on 1 lost 93th minute : 4th post of the game, my striker follows and ends up scoring 109th minute : 10th long ball over the defenders, 10th 1 on 1 lost This is just one game, but nothing special as most of my games are like that. How can it be a tactical problem ? The unrealistic long balls should not exist, as my players scoring less than 10% of 1 on 1 is impossible. At least I won this game (36 shots to 6), usually I end up losing or drawing. Shooting 4 or 5 times on the post in a game is frequent. GKs become godlike against me, and when they don't, the result is ridiculous (next game, I won 9-1). Bayern Munich - Cologne.pkm
  4. After 2 years of playing, my Lewandowski has missed half of the 20 (!!!) penalty he shot.
  5. Found the problem : I used a skin for FM and it probably wasn't compatible with FM 20 final version. I removed it and everything works now.
  6. Hello, I have been playing for the last two weeks on Beta and this problem didn't happen until today's final release. When I want to create or modify a Manager, I just can't see him. I tried creating him with a photo or just using a random one, nothing happens, as you can see on the 2 pictures I upload with this message. I also tried both in game and from the game menu with no success. What's wrong ? Thanks for your help. Keegan
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