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  1. RE: Incorrect capacity for the Pirelli Stadium See the info on the official EFL site listing the capacity as 6,912 not 6,972 as is in the game. https://www.efl.com/clubs-and-competitions/sky-bet-league-one/clubs/burton-albion/
  2. Burton Albion Capacity is listed as 6,972, but all evidence online points to it being 6,912 Every player in the under 18's is 16 years old, when in reality, Tom Hewlett, Ciaran Gilligan, Tom Armitage, Emmanuel Shittu, Rueben Lal, Nathan Smith, Owen Hickson, Jack Holmes, Tyo Carter & Cael McDonnell are all second year scholars, so should all be 17/18. See article from 2018 when they joined the under 18's https://www.burtonalbionfc.co.uk/news/2018/july/0307-scholars/ Chris Beardsley also made 1 appearance in the league last season - and I'd call his description as an impact sub generous, in reality he is an emergency backup. Ben Fox is out injured until March, but in game this is until May/June https://www.burtonalbionfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/1607-fox/ Jack Livesey signed a 3 year contract in 2018, but is on non-contract terms in game https://www.burtonalbionfc.co.uk/teams/first-team/goalkeeper/jack-livesey2/ Callum Hawkins was ruled out for 7 months in July, but is not injured in game https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/burton/callum-hawkins-out-seven-months-3183920 I'd also say that Ben Garrat's 2* rating is fairly harsh, given that he's taken Bywater's place as 2nd choice keeper. Oliver Sarkic's place of birth is listed as London, but according to his wiki he was born in Grimsby
  3. Burton Albion Ethan Vale has the incorrect DOB - It's listed in game as 9/1/2000, but is actually 16/3/2001, as per https://www.burtonalbionfc.co.uk/teams/first-team/midfielder/ethan-vale2/ Ben Hart also has the incorrect DOB - In game it's 18/12/2001, but is actually 26/9/2000 https://www.burtonalbionfc.co.uk/teams/first-team/defender/ben-hart/
  4. Peterborough (who are league one, playing in a 10.000 seater stadium, have moved to Doncaster's stadium (I've noticed they are currently searching for a site for a new stadium, but this should not render their current stadium invalid). The same is happening for Solihull Moors, who have moved to Walsall, despite having an League 2 compliant stadium (again, looking for a site for a new stadium) I've also noticed almost all of the clubs in League 1/2 have converted to all seater stadiums despite being in League 1/2, where terracing is permitted, reducing their capacity - In Crawley's case, this took them from 6,200 to 4,500 capacity. Burton decided to expand their stadium despite getting relegated and with crowds below 50% of their current capacity. Exeter have reduced their capacity from 9,000 to 6,700 by converting to all seater, Halifax have gone from 14,000 to 9,900.
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