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  1. Hey - how were you able to find the CL games from that year? ive been wanting to do the same - please let me know
  2. Ctrl doesnt work for me either... @any mod whats going on
  3. for the record, the game is still unplayable. having safari open in the background grounds FM20 to a halt and the fans start getting loud. I've opened fm19 and it is running no problem. 10x as fast as fm20 to sim through a week of gameplay same database size
  4. cant select multiple players. command A or command and select individual players does nothing. MacBook Pro 2015 retina
  5. On any screen, can't select more than 1 player. In past FM's, holding command and selecting player names would give ability to select players. Laptop: MacBook Pro 2015 Retina
  6. Also game is stuck on August 24th - wont sim forward
  7. FM 20 is extremely slow. Clicking something takes minutes to open, opening a save file takes 10 minutes, scrolling will freeze the screen, and other applications open outside of FM become slow as well. After a few hours of use laptop starts to overheat until FM is closed. Have been using MacBook Pro 2015 model - all past FM's have worked normally with no lag or slowness including FM19 for past year. Attempting same database size and same settings has made the beta unplayable. Hope this is being looked into - seems like a lot of MacBook issues on this forum. Just now it took over an h
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