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  1. Blackmama - Chester FC - Season 13/14 - Blue Square Premier Season review: Lost 1-0 in the playoff final extra time to a fluke goal from 40 yards of the bar :( Absolutely devastating!! Positives: 200.000 £ in gaterevenues from the final (40.000 at wembley), My young inexperienced team getting to the final and only losing out on automatic primotion by four points, really good prospects for a succesful next season. COME ON CHESTER!
  2. After 51 hours of gametime - Chester have played the last game of the first season. Interesting update to follow
  3. Things are going better than expected Byt the way - how do I get the picture to be visible on the site instead of a link?
  4. Thanks Dan BHTFC - any chance for a link to the matching kits :o
  5. Cheers - but where do I save the unzipped files? There's no "Read me" file to guide me.....
  6. Just a quick question: the kits and logos for prem.clubs and lower league clubs. Where's the best place to get it? I tried the link at the start of this thread but couldn't figure it out. Please help - I hate the single colour ones! By the way: My beloved chester team is stille unbeaten 9 games into the season
  7. Blackmama - Chester BSN/S - 2012 (early days) 5 games into my new life as Chester manager and things are looking promising. We have been able to secure 4 wins and a single draw putting us in 2nd position. Hope this form can carry on a bit further.
  8. Unknown manager takes charge of Chester - here's his profile
  9. Here we go! Have taken charge of Chester. Screen shots etc. later on this evening. We are tipped as promotion out siders..... we'll see about that.
  10. Managed Margate for 17 years. Got them to the UEFA Cup group stage in season 17 and got sacked the next season. The board thought a new manager was in the clubs best interest. 3 years later they're in League 1. Stupid board
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