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  1. All im saying is, if they added wib wobs to a game with a match engine, it would complete it imo. Ovbiously the ai would need to get better to even it all out, but imagine creating a wib wob and seeing it perform in game.
  2. Honestly wibwobs in a game with a match engine will make it perfect. You can actually see your creations play in game, shame they wont add it.
  3. There is, i just couldnt see while on the actual game.
  4. The fact the game has been out for 47 days Means you would have had to play this game for 10.6 hours a day. The average job is 8 hours per day, and the average human sleeps for 8 hours a day. 24-16 gives you 8 hours free time. You're definitely afking these hours
  5. Looking to get it for when im out, does anyone know how many seasons you can play on mobile?
  6. Ndombele from spurs says he was bought from stade de reims when in reality he was bought from lyon. Image
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