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  1. I've searched and searched, but does anyone know a link to a thread with the explaination of al the skills? Like what Excentricity etc means ... I know it sounds daft, but a friend of mine says that very high Excentricity is good for a goalie ( of course its debateble ) ...
  2. Can anyone tell me the important part about defending a lead, I've tried everything, long passing, direct ... low mentality, putting in extra defenders and/or DMC's ... Every single match ... when I lead 1-0 or 2-0 I end up losing 1-2 or 2-3 ... It driving me nuts! ps. I dont use Wizard or Modern tactics. I'm playing with Classic Mode which suddenly made everything SO much harder ... I win every match using the wizard and lose every match using Classic Mode
  3. I actually disagree cause they can also name a stadium after you which is a great achievement and I love to see that once. And I wouldnt like it if the stadium would be named Bijlmer Stadium (district in Amsterdam)
  4. I often play two or three matches with creative freedom on mixed. That way you can watch the entire match to see what players do. Surely you can then see what players decide to do. After 30 mins in one match you can allready see if someone is playing terrible and doesnt know what to do. Then remove his creatieve freedom and give him a specific task. For example forward runs. Then select him as targetman and select run unto ball. This way it'll take a while but you'll find weak and good spots in your team.
  5. I think when you select a player with high creativity to take free kicks or corners he's more 'smart'. This way he'll probably find a better way to create changes from the dead-ball situations. Also high decisions would be nice
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