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  1. Hi guys. Here I am sharing my Paraguayan 2 levels database for FM21. It was made according the actual official rules, with no extra clubs edited. FM21 21.4.0 compatible. Corrected Paraguayan Languages: Spanish 100%, Guaraní 85% Division de Honor - First Division (12 teams): Opening and Closing stages, 2 rounds each. Overall Table Winner get Libertadores place 2 relegations by 3yr average points (including real stats of previous seasons) Max 5 foreign players on pitch Division Intermedia - Second Division (16 teams): 2 rounds league. 2 Promotions (t
  2. Hi. I´m activating an existing inactive nation/league in FM21 and had to change the structure of the main division adding opening/closing stages and adding Average Points. How can I add the last 3 years of stats for the teams involved? They all starts with 0. I´ve tried adding the last years stats in Team League History (which was empty) with the main division and/or each opening/closing stage from the Database, I can see it in History/Competitions/Domestic leagues from the Club, but they didn´t appear in the average points table from the division. Any thoughts?
  3. you need to tick "Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences" and the button "Reload Skin" will appear
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