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  1. Okay. In other words, the "Standard" varies from mentality. A "balanced" mentality is going to be an average between width and center, and the more offensive it is, the more it opens up, and the more defensive it is, the narrower it is. True?
  2. This option appears in the "Attacking Width", "Passing directness", "Tempo" and "Defensive width" section. I really don't understand the meaning of the word in the game.
  3. I watched. I am playing in an "Extremely Wide" attacking width. Bernardo Silva has the specific task of "Sit Narrower", and Joao Cancelo of "Stay Wider" (he is a "Complete Wingback Support"
  4. Excuse me, I used the wrong terms. I mean, for example, an "Winger" tasked with "Stay Wider" on an attack width "Wide", will it open the same as in a "Standard" or "Narrow" width?
  5. I mean is that you are telling the player to try to stay open and not to be more closed so as not to waste the width of the field, because if he does not select any, the player will close if he wants. But there is another doubt. If I ask a player to open or close, how much will he do? I don't think it's the same thing, telling a player in a "Standard" width to open, as opposed to a "narrow" width.
  6. I'm trying to capture Guardiola's 4-3-3 taking advantage of the entire playing field, with "inverted wingbacks" and "inverted wingers" to create spaces both on the wing and in the center. Here I played a 4-2-3-1 because I didn't have the right players for 4-3-3, so I used a double pivot and instead of two reverse lanes, I put one in that role and a "Complete Wingback " For example, I gave Bernardo Silva the individual task of trying to close (in a very high width ") to leave the lane for Joao Cancelo. The interesting thing is that the ends cut inwards, which generates a compact team in the center and in case of loss, "counter-press2 But there are things that I still don't understand, for example, is it the same to tell "Bernardo Silva" to close in an "extremely wide" width instead of "wide", is it going to close more? And of course, I think that based on that Joao Cancelo is going to open based on the collective width, right?
  7. Oh tell me if I understood correctly. Are you saying that this is a way to encourage the individual player to stay with the band (and not plan to close) based on the collective width? And if for example it is narrow, the individual idea would be to tell them "try to close" to meet the collective width?
  8. I have a lot of doubts about the width in the attack because I don't know if the individual task of a specific player can change the collective width. For example, the attack width is "extremely high" and I frame a specific player as "sit narrower". Does it mean that all but that player will remain opened? And if instead, I individually mark one that "stay wider" is going to leave the field hahaha? I don't understand why those two options exist, if, for example, in the case of setbacks / flaps in the "stay wider" part, it says they will open up to the sideline (ie take advantage of the whole field). What is the point then of putting "extremely broad"?
  9. Hi. I am reformulating DT's line-ups in the top five leagues in Europe. And I thought about canceling all the preferences of the technicians without a club, so when they arrive at a club they have a certain alignment. The theme is the following, I know that the preferred formations are generated, but the offensive / defensive ones too? And another question regarding the offensive / defensive formations, if they are canceled from before, if new ones are generated, can those DTs use them before the game, or is it only when they have to win or lose it?
  10. There is a format error for the qualification to the Copa Libertadores. In reality, the two Colombian clubs that pass to the Group Phase are the two champions (of the Opening and Finalization Tournament), in this case by 2020 they are América de Cali and Junior. While the champion of the Copa Colombia passes to Playoffs. In the game it is different, the champion of the Colombia Cup qualifies for the Group Phase while one of the Tournament Champions goes to Playoffs. Check it please!
  11. Whenever I attack, my defensive line does not pass the midfield, so that I can shrink the opponent and that they go further back in their field. Nor do I see that my defenses look for short pass supports from the far forward sides.
  12. Whenever I attack, my defensive line is always behind the midfield line.
  13. Try if it was some of the files I have, and you're right. I was wrong, I thought it was an error of the base and in fact it is an error of a file that I put in a game.
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