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  1. I still have not started the game because they commented on bugs with penalties and offside. This made it unplayable. I would like to know if now you can play normally or would you have to wait even longer?
  2. And why don't they appear in the coach's general information? Is there any way to know what other tactics he plays?
  3. All DTS in the game have only show one game tactic. While in FM19 they had two lineups of preference and one of defense. But in FM20 they only show one. Is it a bug or is it so? Because the DT gets monotomy, and they become very predictable if you get to play several times against it.
  4. And why in the FM19 they showed me many forms of tactics?
  5. I mean that in FM19 for example, coaches could have a second Alignment and a Defense.
  6. All dts only have one tactic. It is normal?
  7. Is it normal for DTs to have only one training style? In FM19 they had many variations
  8. A question. Some time ago I updated the game to version 20.1.3 but when I want to start a game it appears to me that the database has 20.1.0. Is it advisable to start or is it misspelled?
  9. Hi good day. I am from Argentina and would like to write my question about how to make a realistic database in a game. I read many posts that said a small database was better because in the transfer market it was more competitive, and so on. But also from my point of view, I see it as unrealistic only to have the most important leagues. I do not say that it is better to have the entire database because it depends on each pc, and I believe that mine will not be efficient and would become tedious for me, besides there are leagues that do not give much meaning. And I try to choose only the links that are to be activated (I do not notice the "Advanced" section). I usually choose between 125,000 to 157,000 (all active available leagues), although there are leagues that I do not give them value like that of South Africa because it would be unfair that there was only a single league in Africa since the clubs of that country would always win the Continental Competition . Then leagues such as Malaysia, India, Indionesia, Singapore, Hong Kong do not add them because they do not literally interest me. I only use those from South Korea (it has very good players), China for its competitiveness and investment in football, and Australia. Unfortunately there is no database of Japan in the game (or at least I did not find) where Iniesta was and future players such as Kubo and Abe. Then in South America and North America I add all (not many). Europe added all but Israel, Iceland (maybe), Belarus, Hungary and Bulgaria. This gives me doubts, which is why I see everyone when they exceed 125,000 players in the database, it makes an announcement that "exceeds the recommended limit". Is that random or is it dependent on each pc? Thank you.
  10. Un ejemplo de esto es Agustín Urzi, volante/win de Banfield. Un joven argentino que la rompe en la Sub 20 de Argentina y que mostró muy buena imagen. Clubes como Boca, River, clubes europeos lo buscaban y el club en el que esta (Banfield) le pedía 20 Millones por su cláusula de transferencia. Mientras que en el juego cotiza menos 3 millones de Euros, y aunque el jugador explotará en su equipo y siendo joven, su cotización no aumentaría mucho. Es más, seguramente ante la intención de compra de algún club poderoso (donde pida muy poco dinero), este se largue. Es muy difícil dirigir así un club sudamericano (en este caso Argentina) en el cual la cotización debería ser diferente y no tan bajo como lo es. Fuente: http://ar.marca.com/claro/futbol/boca-junior/2019/05/30/5ceff253ca4741a6778b45b6.html
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