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  1. Thank you for looking at this @Rob Heckman I am sorry - I do not have a save from before the transfer anymore. I have uploaded: Mike Bruels - Milan Romero.fm I also realized that my first screenshot did not allow you to see the transfer fee paid. The one below does. Thanks to you and the team for the great work. I have played since CM 93/94 and it keeps getting better.
  2. Summary: Odd / incorrect assessment of transfer fee in club vision Description of Issue: Bought Christian Romero from Juventus for 2.6 million. Value after transfer: 20,5 million. Assessment in club vision: B+ but "transfer fee is a little high" Steps to Reproduce: Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
  3. I found a solution: this seems to be caused by custom skins. I used a custom skin with an instant result button. When I switched back to the original FM skin, the issue disappears.
  4. Summary: no visual of locker room nor of field in match since update from Beta Description of Issue: see screen shot and summary. This issue did not occur in the Beta with same settings. Steps to Reproduce: Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
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