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  1. Since the update Hazard has missed 2 consecutive pks Zaragoza v R. Madrid.pkm R. Madrid v A. Madrid.pkm
  2. Description of Issue: I clicked walk away when a player came to me asking for a new contract on the intial message that you click walk away on he says he wants a new contract due to the interest shown in him, when you click walk away the normal developing cconcerns message shows up when you click discuss issue he says that he is unhappy that i rejected transfer offer from aston villa when there has been no bid from anyone for him. Steps to Reproduce: the intial request for a new contract is second message down click walk away then on the deloping concerns message click discuss and go into the conversation click opening introduction sentence then see he is response. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud: Saagar Sadique - Celtic before the bug happens.fm Saagar Sadique - Celtic player unhappy about a bid that never came in bug.fm
  3. Your Welcome and thats great loving the game so far will report anything else if i find them
  4. I played on and I am in to the second season and reached the same stage and qualified for the champions cup first knockout round and i got the same news article and same wrong date. i have uploaded 2 save game files to owncloud 1 before it happened as you requested above and another one just after the match and the news article has come through 4th message in the inbox. To get the news article play the next match and beat Anderlecht. Also found another thing you will see in both save files under club vision it says "Very Disappointed that the club looks a long way short of winning silvaware as expected" in the negatives but in the positiives it says "Delighted to be on course to win the First Division much earlier then expected" from the start of the 2nd season Is this a bug? the save games are called 1.Saagar Sadique - R. Madrid- fm 20 beta date bug 2.fm 2.Saagar Sadique - R. Madrid- fm 20 beta date bug 2 the match before it happens.fm
  5. Unfortunately the oldest save game i have is the one i have uploaded.
  6. Apologies if this is in the wrong area i wasn't sure where to put it Summary: it says 1900 in a news article about when the objective should be achieved Description of Issue: I was reading a news article about my team qualifying for the champons cup first knockout round and the last line of the article reads "The club will be encouraged to reach the latter stages of the Champions Cup by 1900 in line with their long term vision" Steps to Reproduce: it is the 5th news article down on the save game which i have uploaded to owncloud under the name "Saagar Sadique - R. Madrid- fm 20 beta date bug.fm"
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