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  1. I deleted cache and preferences and also verified game files, none of which have helped. How do I check for antivirus interference? I'm using ESET NOD32.
  2. 4.5/5 Computer performance 2.5/5 Game speed The thing is this started to happen only now, before the game was really smooth and I didn't have any problem with it. It isn't the start of the season, all the leagues have been loaded for over a half of the season. If that was a problem, wouldn't the problems start as soon as I loaded those leagues? How many days did you run the save for? It's every now and then, but i think in like 5-7 days it should be guaranteed to get the lag.
  3. I uploaded the save file to your cloud. Name: Slow day processing - WhitePain.fm
  4. Hey! I'm at the end of my fifth season and out of nowhere, every other day or so, day processing "lags" and it takes almost 10 minutes to get to the next hour. It never happened before. Restarting the game doesn't solve it. Where can I upload the save file so you can take a look? It's around 180MB. Thank you.
  5. Sure thing, I uploaded both saves, before and after, to owncloud. Name of the file is "saves both before and after transfer.rar". Sorry it took me so long, I'm just enjoying the game. xd edit: Lemme know if I can help you further.
  6. I got same reactions from our supporters and supporters I bought the player from.
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