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  1. Hey, it was in the beta. It's a journeyman save and I already went through 3 full seasons, two in the Romania (1 first tier, 1 second tier) and 1 in Brazil's Serie B. I'd hate to lose all my progress and start over, so can anything be done "internally" to fix it? For instance, FMRTE can't fix it because the league is hardcoded.
  2. So I checked League rules and apparently squad registration can only happen for 12 days in July(deadline on July 17th), but the transfer window is open for 83 days(June 8th - August 30th), out of which 42 days are AFTER the squad registration deadline which BTW isn't scripted as a deadline, as in there is no notification whatsoever that's the deadline. That's 50.60% of the transfer window happening AFTER the squad registration deadline. Not to mention the transfer window is incorrect, because, as found on Wikipedia, it should be 16 June - 8 September, which is 1 day longer(84 days), but starts 8 days later. With that transfer window, but the current squad registration deadline, I'd have 52 days after the deadline to still complete transfers(62% of the trasfer window happening after the squad registration deadline). Does that sound okay or not at all gamebreaking to you? Completely ruined my season till January. @Dan Ormsby perhaps shed a little light on this issue?
  3. For some reason I cannot register players although the transfer window is still open. My squad is down to 18 men for the Liga I, whereas I have the option to use my whole squad for UCL because registering them there worked just fine. Really ****ed my depth and left me with plenty of issues to deal with. Here is my save with plenty of days left till the transfer window closes, maybe you can come up with a solution because else my game is unplayable and I'll just quit this save altogether. EDIT: https://ufile.io/y9wmfbec
  4. Unfortunately I do not have one before that event occurred as I didn't think it was needed (silly decision in hindsight, pretty obvious it's needed) But I believe you can try to reproduce this event yourself should you have time at your disposal. Just load a single league, pick a small team and use editor to ensure you progress beyond your club vision(just like in my case, qualify for UCL instead of EL). It should be pretty quick(I didn't use editor in my save btw, just suggesting it to make overachieving easier and faster). Maybe it happens to you too.
  5. So we lost to Monchengladbach 1-0 away and beat them 2-0 at home to qualify for the Semifinal of the EURO CUP 2. A game later(league game), I am asked post game about my ELIMINATION from EC2 despite my aggregate win. What is going on with this game? I was never eliminated and I will soon play the semifinal.
  6. So my club had a short-term vision of qualifying for the Europa League, but by winning the title I qualified automatically for the UCL, which was part of a longer-term vision than the Europa League one. Therefore, the board decided they are both very happy and very disappointed with me. What?
  7. Title says it all. 10M? Man U has 130M. What am I supposed to buy with that transfer budget, mascots?
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