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  1. So this is a bug. That solves itself after the 1st season. The financial help for relegated teams I suppose is the parachute payment.
  2. Thanks. What about the monetary reward for the 3rd league finishing positions being only available in the 1st season ? Is it intended as well ?
  3. Isn't it weird that the portuguese leagues (1st and 2nd) don't have any prize money for placement finishing ? Is that how it is IRL ? I see all the other major european leagues with some sort of prize money, even the turkish league has a bit. The 3rd portuguese league has a decent prize money but it's only effective in the 1st season, it dies off after that which is really weird, is this intended as well ?
  4. Summary: Regarding the recommended action for soon to be expired contracts, not only the AM's recommended action and reason don't add up (says they don't deserve a new contract yet the recommendation is to offer one), he's also disregarding 5 star potential youngsters who obviously need their contracts renewed. HOYD suffers from the same incoherence. Description of Issue: It's easier if I just show the screens: Steps to Reproduce: Just play the game I guess. Files Uploaded to the OwnCloud:
  5. I also have been suffering from this problem. Only around 50% of my pens go in.
  6. I can confirm that if the set piece taker isn't on the match squad, he gets removed. Kinda annoying if you wanna rotate or the taker gets injured.
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