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  1. By "some weeks" you mean pre 20.1 ? If you started a save today the folder of the db would be 2010. Maybe you deleted the files on the 2000 or 2001.
  2. Ended up with 8 men, in all the reds and opposition pens there was the comment "harsh decision/didn't look like a foul" - ref got a 5.5 which is absolute bs. So yeah, easiest rage quit of my life. EDIT: The replay: And I feel god damn good about this.
  3. The gaming industry is so stacked that FM, releasing in mid November, will never be worthy of that prize because it's so unpolished. Maybe if the award was given in March it would have a good shot but as it stands, not a chance imo.
  4. It wasn't in the spanish league, it was in the portuguese. I didn't mess with the database, Sporting's B team got promoted from the regional to the 3rd PT league.
  5. It is unfortunately. I can show you an example. This is a 24 yo CM of mine: As you can see, the progress graph has declined, but not because of the attributes going down. I simply got some better players in the last year so he went from a 4 star to a 3 star.
  6. Rage quit is a blessing. Having the load game enabled while in a match would be the best feature they could add.
  7. Didn't happen with me but I saw another club's B team get promoted from the regional divison (not playable) to the lowest playable division. So yes.
  8. The progress graph is a scam tbh. When I first heard of it, I thought it would show some sort of progress of the CA of the player. But it turns out it's how your ass man (or other coach, not sure how that works) evaluates the CA with the star rating system. So if you sell a lot of players, the graph will spike (because the standards are lower), and if you hire better players the graph will drop (because the standards are higher), even if the player's attributes are stale or improving.
  9. I'm managing a club whose chairman has the secondary job of being the assistant manager. Since his judging skills aren't the best, I was looking to upgrade it but the signing of a new AM was blocked because the chairman's filling in the spot. I couldn't find any way of kicking him out of the role, is it possible without waiting for a takeover ? Would the ingame editor work in this case ? Thanks.
  10. @Rob Heckman This problem is still present in the 20.1.4 version. I uploaded a save file right before talking to the player unhappy with low playing time. After asking him the only possible option, the conversation just ends abruptly.
  11. So this is a bug. That solves itself after the 1st season. The financial help for relegated teams I suppose is the parachute payment.
  12. Thanks. What about the monetary reward for the 3rd league finishing positions being only available in the 1st season ? Is it intended as well ?
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