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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check them out! Here's a picture of his profile as well as what I've changed the tactic too for now https://imgur.com/a/Tl72XfM The reason for switching from the 4-1-4-1 and the earlier high tempo pressing was due to the president/board being up my ass about style and results. I am going to keep an eye particularly on the Forward pairing here and Left-Wing interactions, the two strikers have always struggled together as they're both naturally poachers.
  2. So I'm doing a Paris FC save in my second season, and after 27 games this is my result. That's 4 goals from my top striker and another 4 from a winger. I am tied 19th for goals in Ligue 2. I'm not sure if its the tactic, just a poor run, the players themselves or what, but last season I really didn't have this issue when I used a loan striker from Amiens SC who scored 12 in 37. Starting striker averages 418 mins per goal while my backup is at 638 mins per goal now. I'm at a loss for why my forwards just can't find the net. https://imgur.com/a/RkyE8Iq The imgur link has a bunch of relevant pictures, I can happily provide more to give a fuller picture.
  3. So going into my next game I've changed it to this, the only roles im not sure on are my WB's and 2 wingers. My thought process is since my midfield will be primary supportive I'll need some attacking from the width to properly balance it out and my squad has capable wing-backs so why not. But should I being play my wing-backs as attacking, defending or supportive here? Will putting them on attack leave me too exposed even with my midfield configuration? Will putting both wingers as attacking leave my attacking options exclusively on the outside with no support from midfield? Im guessing it would be beneficial to have my BWM and BBM pressing aggressively to get the ball back quickly in transition while cramping my opponents first half in transition and making it difficult to advance
  4. Thanks for the response, and yes that's my biggest issue which I mentioned. My understanding of roles in the game is subpar, so I was figuring that was likely the source of the defeat. My analysis is that 6 on defend, 1 support, and 3 in attack is going to make any transitions difficult and doesn't serve the gegenpress tactic well considering I want to be pressing high up the pitch (I think I might have forgot to adjust these roles from the previous game in which I played one of the top sides in my domestic league). I normally wouldn't play 6 on defense especially with my regular tactical plan. My question now becomes what position and role combinations should I be aiming for with a Gegenpress tactic?
  5. So currently in my first season managing Chateauroux in LIgue 2, at the end of August and the season has been going well for the most part until this recent loss in the Coupe de La Ligue BKT to Bourg en Bresse 01 who are in the French National league (one below ligue 2). So theres my first problem, the loss was 0-1 with a late winner at 87'. The stats were terrible for me, few shots on goal while conceding an insane amount to my opposition. I've linked an imgur with relevant stat shots and also the replay so anyone can watch the game themselves and see why i failed so badly. My issue with FM is that I have trouble understanding the tactical side and roles of the team. Any help is appreciated! Im running a Gegenpress 4-1-4-1 with the current squad high-line intensive pressing and high tempo usually positive mentality. https://imgur.com/a/lqyo3Vy Bourg en B. v Chateauroux.pkm
  6. Would he operate similar to how Firmino works with Mane and Salah to bring them in the diagonals by dropping deep and creating channels?
  7. So after looking through my roster heres my options Strikers: 1. Tarzan - CA:70 PA:76.3 2. Andre Clovis - CA:66 PA:73.8 Tarzan is a right-footed natural Trequartista and only 23 with room to grow and will serve me for now. But I don't believe I've had a team where my best striker was a Trequartista so I have zero idea about tactics in that role. Left wing: Lopes - 22 CA:65 PA:69.4 Right Wing: Brandao - 27 CA:66.3 PA:67.9 10/Attack mid: Ze Paulo - 24 CA:64.8 PA:73.10 Midfielder: Luis Silva - 25 CA: 70.3 PA:74.7 (high injury risk) Midfielder: Pepo - 24 CA:66.5 PA:70.7 CBs: Bura - 29 CA:72.6 PA:75.10 (My highest rated player) Monteiro - 24 CA:67.9 PA:71 Left Back: Dasse - 28 CA:67.4 PA:68.4 Right Back: Silva - 22 CA:67.9 PA:73.20 GK: Tony 25 - CA:67.1 PA: 69.90 So that's my best starting XI by rating in a traditional 4-2-3-1 formation. I can see my left back position could be improved in the future as well as grabbing a better CB pairing in the future for Bura. My no.10 Ze Paulo has a high ceiling compared to his CA so I'm certain giving him playtime and trusting my system with him would be the best thing to do longterm. Will need a better goalie in the future too. But back to my point earlier, how do I create tactics around a Treq striker, a promising young no.10 (Pepo can also slot into this role with a backup DM who is decent filling in). My Right Back Silva is best as a Wing-Back going forward, while Dasse is much older and better suited playing more defensive. Silva and Pepo are suited as DM's naturally so my midfield is going to be reliant on a no.10/Ze Paulo to carry the ball forwards and link play it feels like. Any other advice from this information? I can upload their stats and traits soon, but I don't have access to my game save for a few more hours.
  8. For most of my time on FM19 I've generally just used other people's tactics and have my assistant deal with the other details. But I want to build up a team from a low division and part of that needs to be playing correctly which I know preset tactics are not going to be sufficient for my plan. I've Chosen Leixões from the Portuguese 2nd league and after viewing the team report, I need help being able to dissect the strength and weakness information and applying it to my tactics. I've never really played soccer besides when I was little so my only experience is 500 hours on this game and what I watch on TV lol. I've linked an imgur album of the relevant tabs that I'm looking at. (Yes my striker is named Tarzan lmao) So from what I see, a 4-2-3-1 is probably best but I'm open to suggestions, i don't have great vision, technique, corners, or first touch, so I would gamble a possession based style is out of the question and I'd be better suited towards more direct, physical styles? https://imgur.com/a/Zj2BfYF
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