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  1. On how he became a Manager Not long after entering university Mihail started trying to get a job coaching football, he was already training kids in his local club and was working towards a FA level 3 license. At the time he was also writing a sort of coaching manual that would eventually develop into his famous "Bible". After he achieved his level 3 license fortune would smile at Mihail when a vacancy appeared at a regional Man Utd affiliate youth club and he quickly made a move for the job. The men in charge of sorting out the candidates were impressed by his passion and the effort
  2. Mihail the football fanatic If I had to describe Mihail as a fan I would call him monomaniac. Back in university I would bring up several topics of conversation from Literature to cute girls but the one thing he was interested in was football. He would tell me about his favourite teams from the past or the present or rant about the games from the day before in energetic fashion but once the topic of conversation changed into something that had nothing to do with football he would remain silent, his gestures for me to continue talking where the only thing that made me know that he was in f
  3. Notes by the Author People always ask me to tell them about Mihail Davies. As one of his few friends and confidants I have several stories to tell about him. I decided to write this book not only as a biography of the man but also as a tribute to the most fascinating person I have ever met. Mihail has been informed about everything I have written in this book and I have ommited per his request anything and everything he felt I had no right to write about. Tactical explanations, interviews, training philosophies, player analysis, rants, moments of triumph, ugly moments, surreal mome
  4. I am looking for a guide detailing what each attribute is used for and how they combine when a player performs certain actions.
  5. I am writing this topic in order to share an interesting tactic I created and receive the opinion of more experienced players. I do not garantee you will get the same results as me since the tactic and squad are still in an Alpha phase of sorts and I believe there are anomalies with the behaviour of one of my players that have bypassed the logical outcome of the matches. I started playing Fm19 back in january and this has been the very first Football Manager I've played. After receiving tips from my friends I started trying (and failing) to implement my tactical ideals in the game. After
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