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  1. The СМ03\04 engine or FM07 was better than all modern versions .. Eh ...
  2. As I said: nothing new, nothing ... I think this is a manifestation of disrespect for the fans of the game.
  3. Ok, guys, I realized that here everyone is waiting for hundreds of lines of new phrases in the new version of the game. It'll be enough. I suggested an IDEA, you criticize individual thoughts separately from the context. Yes, there are flaws in the idea, but a similar mechanism will make the game fun. Guys, learn to dream. Adieu!
  4. Someone did not understand someone. Let me explain: there is a default Dembele. He has a potential of 180. In any club, except for the very weak, he will reach maximum development. Although in life Dembele receives 10 million salaries per year and stops training, and never reaches 180. Opposite example: there is a default Vardi. He was a weak player for many years and FM prescribed 120 potential for him. 120! But a good coach came in or changed the team or ... and Vardy's level went up to 170. Vardy is top now. it's realistic. not in the game p.s delete updates for FM and FM. p.p.s. FM
  5. I want dynamically changing potential!!!! It would depends on the level of the team, on the level of coaches, on the professionalism of the player, on the player's salary, on ... It's not so hard to do !!! no need to calculate the performance of all 80,000 players. Enough once a year at least 100 of the top championships or just my club players... I recently made a base update from FM20 for FM17. Many, many players have become stronger or vice versa! Let's ask Miles to do this feature. Tired of the "new dialogues" in every new game
  6. Hopefully, the new version of the game will not only add "new conversations with players". Miles, bring some new feature into the game. I'm not already writing about the engine - this is bad now.
  7. My answer is no. For a very long time, the product from SI has been far from realism in football: in each version, some important function does not work. Either the forwards do not score, or they score, but only with their feet, or the whole game through the flanks, or, conversely, the whole game through the center..
  8. In the last three versions of the games, the central midfielders are mainly needed to pass the ball to the flanks. I can't play it
  9. Guys, hello! I have not played for several months: FM17 - everything is ok, but I really don't like it when Neymar or Ronaldinho don't show dribbling on the field. According to statistics, there is dribbling, but I don't see it on the field! In FM20, dribbling on the field is visualized, but the game was skewed to the flanks. It is surprising that people like FM18-20, because in these versions the movement through the center is killed !!! In FM16, crosses are killed .. Everything is too unrealistic.
  10. Hi guys! I play with CM03-04. And I'm waiting for the development of the player will depend on his preferences or the level of coaches or just on the occasion ... I’m talking about this: rarely, but it happens that a mediocre player suddenly begins to develop in a club or vice versa, someone’s game level falls, although he was a top player. I would like the player’s potential not to be constant. I don’t even dream about setting up training standards ... And the last few years I’ve only read about “new trainers, new conversation options, new menu windows” ... Boring ... Because of thi
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