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  1. That is correct, the capacity of the first stadium built by the board meets the minimum requirements of Spanish Second division, but is half the size of the requirement for the stadium for first division. I have a save file before the 3rd stadium is being planned to be built but not before the 1st stadium.
  2. CD Lealtad de Villaviciosa. Original stadium Les Caleyes, 3000 capacity. Promoted from Spain Second Division B to Second Division in 2027. New stadium announced by board (without consulting me), 7605 capacity. Completed 7/7/2028. Promoted to Spain First Division in 2028. Played in new stadium. Avoided relegation. After avoiding relegation board announces we will rent El Molinon - Enrique Castro Quini (30000 capacity) next season. Both original 3000 stadium and new 7605 abandonded and unused by any club. Play in First division for 2029-2030 season in El Molinon and avo
  3. It is very challenging if you don't play a 4-2-3-1.
  4. upgrading ram/gpu/ssd makes very little difference in speeding up the game. the best thing to do is buy the fasted CPU you can afford.
  5. If you're a starter at FC Barcelona, your reputation is pretty high. I think that would be the explanation for the media label.
  6. for me, the best tip was to open up laptop and clear away dust and blockages that were causing it to run hot. added a cooling pad as well and it runs faster now.
  7. If anybody has a pc with a i9-10900k, would love to see how it performs in the FM20 benchmarks
  8. I got the stadia free trial but wasn't about to pay full price for FM2020 a second time.
  9. Agree on what was said earlier about set pieces, but would like to add to it. Sign great set piece takers. Sign at least one player with great heading and jumping reach and put him at near post for set pieces. Take long throw ins. Add training for attacking set pieces, corner kicks and deliveries to your weekly training schedule before a match.
  10. juega en 2D y no cargues ninguna skin y creo que te ira bien
  11. Interceptions and KM/90 min perhaps but as others have said, its hard to assess players on work rate using the stats available.
  12. I like the 3d plotly express charts the best as you can include more information. Like for wing play, dribbles per game, cross completion, pass percentage. Feels like I get better information with 3d than just 2d. Looked at trying a 3d surface plot but not sure how to fit it to the data
  13. Delegate tasks to your staff so the CPU can process them in background.
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