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  1. juega en 2D y no cargues ninguna skin y creo que te ira bien
  2. Interceptions and KM/90 min perhaps but as others have said, its hard to assess players on work rate using the stats available.
  3. I like the 3d plotly express charts the best as you can include more information. Like for wing play, dribbles per game, cross completion, pass percentage. Feels like I get better information with 3d than just 2d. Looked at trying a 3d surface plot but not sure how to fit it to the data
  4. Delegate tasks to your staff so the CPU can process them in background.
  5. I saw your HoYD has a good personality. Maybe its because of personality of youth coaches?
  6. Type: Desktop Model: Mac Pro 2010 Model CPU Model: Intel Quad-core Xeon CPU Base Frequency: 2.8GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: RAM: 32GB RAM Clockspeed: 1066Mhz DDR3 GPU: AMD Radeon 7950 3GB Storage Type: SSD Benchmark A: 1 min 55 Sec Benchmark B: 13 min 38 Sec Benchmark C: 14 min 38 Sec
  7. Hopefully more people participate because like you said, the sample size is too small
  8. I would guess so too. Prosponing a league or cutting a competition short might be too difficult to implement, and perhaps prone to bugs. But closing down a stadium to fans seems feasable and simulate the current climate.
  9. All are good suggestions, but the addition of team specific audio, and just better match sounds in general would be my priority.
  10. For a new feature, how about a pandemic hits a large region and causes all stadiums to be closed and played with no fans, affecting revenue and reducing the home team advantage.
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