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  1. Will this definitely be solved in the official release or should I start a new game? Just for ref it also crashes on new version
  2. I've deleted the cache folders and reset everything, verified integrity of files and still crashes on this date. I've even loaded back a month and played through it again, still crashes on this day I've uploaded my save to the cloud - SP_DulwichHamlet.fm Thanks
  3. Attached crash dumps, keeps happening over and over. Be gutted if I can't continue this save!FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.07 22.05.02).dmp FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.07 21.59.15).dmp FM 2020 v20.0.3.1307550 (2019.11.07 21.39.36).dmp
  4. Much much better Neil! 9%GPU usage in menus and around 30-40 in game. Thank you for the quick hotfix!
  5. Exact Same percentages as me near enough except im running an integrated ryzen 3 Vega
  6. Sorry for another post! I've updated my drivers and that seems to have done some good (avg 30% GPU usage on menus, aroun 75% in game) - still not where it should be but I imagine that will come with normal performance optimisation.
  7. Was loving it until the 20.0.2 hotfix started causing my laptop to melt whenever I play
  8. Update; removed my graphics packs, deleted cache and preferences etc as you are instructing everyone else but no difference. Still averaging 75% GPU usage in menus and 100% in games. As a reference point, I get 75% GPU usage on GTA5 medium settings. I don't quite understand how the FM match engine on VERY LOW manages to strangle 100%!
  9. AMD Ryzen 3 2200u 4gb ram 128gb ssd Vega 3 GPU didn't have any issues with FM20 at first, but recently after 1 season of game it causes my laptop to heat up to the point it loses charge even when plugged in. GPU usage sits at about 75% in menus and 100% in game no matter the graphics settings and even in 2d view. CPU usage maxes at around 40-60% even at highest load with about 70k players running. Causes laptop to completely overheat and refuse to charge. There's definitely something wrong with the GPU usage of this game. For reference FM19 was using 20% GPU load in menus and about 50% GPU in matches on medium settings DxDiag.txt
  10. 2d because the 3d engine simply isn't good enough yet
  11. Like the look of this, tiny bit over budget but v doable thank you!
  12. Are there any decentish laptops around £300 that will run fm 2020? I don't need all the leagues - just the main big ones (England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain) and I'm not worried about it being super quick - just needs to be smooth and not feel laggy in 2d mode I've had laptops in past that have really struggled with the switch in engine from fm18. Thanks!
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