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  1. Is this another 2021 downgrade? I'm so sure I had regen faces on 2020 touch
  2. My match engine is much much slower in 3d mode now and stutters like crazy It looks like the graphics have been bumped up a few settings at cost of performance
  3. wouldnt say mines as slow as that but i have noticed my 3d engine is now unplayable, 2d just manages to get by graphics look sharper. looks like theyve forced a higher graphic setting. can we just have optional setings ffs
  4. Was there ever any legitimate complaints that there were too many bonuses to pick from? I don't get how you decide that's something that needs streamlined
  5. I can't find the option, which menu? On Android btw
  6. Certain monthly analyst reports keep doing this for me usually on the 1st
  7. I imagine that to get past the 30 season limit all youd have to do is rename your iOS save back to desktop format, load it on desktop and play past 30 years, save it back out and rename for iOS I haven't yet got anywhere near. I'm in 2025 and am getting the occasional crash on monthly data reports however I haven't got a clue if that's due to the 50k player save or a general game bug
  8. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18khX4QFP5qpl5fFCxuKpRQrGmuMcUkUl/view?usp=drivesdk
  9. Check messages. Would be happy to publically share how to do these and share my 50k player save but no idea if SI have a problem with this?
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