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  1. How/where did Rob learn Swedish and Norwegian? I love this story.
  2. Fantastic story,I look for new installments every day Rob doesn't seem to like uncomplicated does he,I'm sure he will miss Emiliani
  3. Being able to talk to my players on various issues,not having to run to the press,same with team. It feels like sitting in a vacuum,not being able to tell a player why he doesn't play, or why he was sold,or why he won't get a new deal....I really hope this will happen soon. I don't need to talk to players in Kuala Lumpur via the press,I need to talk to my squad directly.
  4. I wonder about: Will we be able to communicate with squad/players directly,and not through the press? Simple things like telling the squadon't get so upset,player x had a minimum fee release clause,or player x refused to sign improved contract.
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