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  1. Either I fixed it without knowing about it, or it was the lack of a proper training ground for the clubs. Either way it didn't turn out to be an issue beyond the very beginning.
  2. I have created an entirely new league and nation using Malta as the template, for an "experiment" thing I'm going to run on a forum. I've done it before, successfully, except this time I wanted to try with all players and staff released, so I found a database that did that and just built on top of it. Everything is working as expected in my test runs, except the teams are getting a lot or injuries. One team has 14. They all get head-physios created by the game at start, so I don't think it's the lack of staff, and just to be sure I gave two teams some physios and they still get injuries (if slightly less than the others). At first I thought it might be because I had accidentally had all teams use the same stadium (which I guessed might cause pitch condition to become terrible), but fixing that didn't help either. All the teams have 20 in training. What I haven't done is give every team a dedicated training ground, can that really cause all the injuries? Is there anything else I'm missing? Also, does anyone know if it's possible to keep quite that many staff and managers to disappear from the game when they are on free transfer at the start? Some, like David Moyes, just vanished from existence. Will I need to load the big leagues up at the start, even if the staff aren't connected to those clubs anymore? Cheers.
  3. Oh, you're right, it does. I never actually clicked on the "change folder" button, which is the only place that information is. That's a bit of an oversight, in my opinion. Although I guess they're thinking that the only people who would have use for a custom user files folder would be able to figure it out.
  4. Where do I set the User Data folder location? I can only see the one for save games.
  5. Excellent! I don't see a mention about the loan fee thing, though. Is that a "silent" fix, or isn't it fixed?
  6. If it's got to do with the cache/skin settings, I don't know how, because now I'm sure I've tried all different combinations. I guess it could be because it's the "beta", but it's included in the options, so not sure about that one.
  7. I think I've tried all the different combinations of those settings (cache and reloading skin), but I guess it's worth another check.
  8. For quite a few FMs now I've liked to change the colour scheme of the player attributes from bright red to bright green, as opposed to shades of blue. Before I had to edit a file, but now (and last year) it's helpfully included in the "skin colours" tab in the Interface tab in Preferences. Except, every time I start the game it resets. It's a very minor thing, but since it happens every single time it's starting to get on my nerves. What do I have to do to make it stick?
  9. Does that mean I can't expect them to ever actually budge?
  10. Ah, not what I wanted to hear. Cheers, though.
  11. I did play further, perhaps a couple of weeks. I am not quite sure how events unfolded, but I believe I rejected a ludicrously large rebid offer from them on the same day as he had his whole transfer demand. I rejected, and since then have made several bids, both separate and increased ones. I suspected something like this. He's still indispensable. What I'm wondering is if this will mean he can't actually be "properly" transfer listed, since he's already technically transfer listed? He's furious with his club and I believe what happened was that he demanded a transfer in a manager talk, and the manager said he'd sell him as soon as possible (which apparently now makes him "transfer listed by request" automatically). I don't actually have much experience with this situation, despite playing this game since ca 1996. Will they let up?
  12. So I managed to get Lucas Moura mightily annoyed with his club, by flattering him and bidding for him with increasingly large sums until his club asked for £58 million and I told them where they could stick it. At that point he requested a transfer, and was apparently put on the transfer list. It says transfer listed by request, and that his asking price is £10 million. Unfortunately, even bidding £20 million won't get my bid accepted, and if I enquire they will tell me he's not for sale for any price. If I press, I can get a similarly stupidly high deal to the original £58 million one. Is this a regular, working as intended, thing? Or does it perhaps have something to do with my transfer offers? I made a bid the same day as he asked to be put on the transfer list, but just before it, or something to that effect. Might the game think I our situation hasn't changed? He's not a happy camper, but if he's already transfer listed, can he be "properly" transfer listed eventually, so I can actually sign him? I didn't put this in bug reports, as I'm not actually sure it's a bug at all. Probably isn't, actually. Anyone got any input?
  13. I've been doing nothing but looking for those, to be honest. It seems to be much harder than FM09. Personally, I've only found one player. I tried to buy him from Brazil to Sevilla, but he opted for Roma instead, which I of course ended up taking over later. He's probably the best player in the world. Other than that, it's been sparse. I might have to lower my standards a bit. Who knows, with the way scouts are imperfect now, I just might find the next big thing anyway.
  14. It's my third season, and all were in Europe. Not quite sure how I made it last season either, but I must not have sold away all the dead wood yet. Basically, most of the players weren't good enough (except for Mexes, who I sold to Real Madrid for £27.5 million when he was getting old). I suppose I was a bit too vigilant. Thanks for the advice, people.
  15. I'm playing Roma, in 2014, and I'm asked to submit the registered player list for the Champions League. Unfortunately, I haven't got more than 1 player in my first team who is home-grown at the club, and only 6 who are home-grown in Italy. Naturally, that means I'm sort of the required number. Unfortunately youth team players don't count, and my reserve team has no players in it (reserve teams being pointless in Italy). Now it won't let me submit the list, and obviously it won't let me advance before I submit the list. Is there any way past this?