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  1. What has happened to APEP since you left. Have they been able to stay in B Kategoria. Whats happened to the young players like Simen Beck and Daniel Obi, have any of them managed to have a good career
  2. Interesting how Nicolas Diguiny becomes the Bordeaux manager out of all people Also good you sold Nade it shows how much youve improved your team Also what happened with that youth player happened with me in my Cork city save. He was also 15 and unclickable its very weird
  3. There are flares in FM21. They are very rare though ive only had it once
  4. yeah they loan out lots of players between the two clubs. Are you Aris?
  5. Hi this save is very interesting ive been checking it from the beginning. I enjoy hearing how different people do in Cyprus as i am an Apollon Lemesos fan. Also Riga might be hard to overtake because they have investors and its the same ones who own Pafos fc
  6. Hi Im really enjoying this save of yours. I am a supporter of Apollon Limassol sad to see they have dropped on your save. Youve done a good job on improving Apoel especially with your financial approach; I also take finances importantly. The last main cypriot save i done was Agia Napa back in fm17. Got them promoted to the top division then got them as a stable top half team. Even signed Wayne Rooney, Nigel De Jong and Thierry Ambrose. That was a nice save
  7. A good way to get quality players is get in hot prospects from lower down non league. My brother got some gems for free when he got Wingate & Finchley promoted to NL S. Parcell came in for a 5k fee but uses the same hot prospect method
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