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  1. Hi, Would anyone be able to create me the Cumbria Cup? As a midseason cup comp for all the cumbrian teams (Carlisle United, Workington, Dalton, Carlisle City, Holker, Barrow, Silloth etc)? Thanks
  2. Meeting the Players & Tactics It's my first day as Santos coach and my first priority is to meet the players and work out who will be vital for our first competition, the Brazilian São Paulo State Championship. Now, we are without a doubt on a shoestring budget compared to the other São Paulo big boys but nevertheless, we will aim to win the State Championship to help boost moral and form heading into the league later in the year. After meeting the squad I have decided on FIVE players that will form the spine/core of the team and be integral in our chances of winning silv
  3. Welcome to Santos Futebol Clube Santos Futebol Clube have today announced the departure of Argentinian coach Jorge Sampaoli. Sampaoli steps down due to personal matters and has recommended his fellow country man Santiago Martin takes his place. The unknown Santiago Martin has never held a managerial position before but has worked for Sampaoli for the last few years. Like Sampaoli, Martin is a Bielsa disciple and will no doubt seek to implement the formers philosophy into the club for the upcoming season. There is much intrigue around the club about just how the season will no
  4. Hi guys, I'm not the best at creating real life tactics form scratch and was wondering if someone would mind creating Sampaoli's tactics? I know he likes to change formation a lot so either from his time from Sevilla now at Santos would be great. Much appreciated.
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