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  1. This last final against Lyon was by far the most frustrating. My main squad was complete and some of their few acceptable players were injured. Even though they dominated the match. They had 20 shots against 8 and won by 1 x 0. Before the final, I had passed with no difficulties through Juventus, Manchester United and Monaco, which are much stronger than Lyon. In all these 7 finals, I was never really near the victory and only once I took it to the overtime. I still don't get how my team can behave so differently in the CL finals than the other stages or other tounaments.
  2. Omg, you won your first CL playing with Lens? That is very impressive. On my campaign with Feirense, it took many seasons to build a competitive team, I improved it year by year. In my first CL seasons it was hard even to go through the group stage.
  3. It is not the case. Only my left defender doesnt like important matches on the main team and I keep him because he is far better than his reserve. On the other hand, 5 other players enjoy important matches on the main team. Anyway, I am considering to quit Feirense and restart on a more traditional team, so I will know if the Feirense T-shirt was the real handicap. But it is very sad to give up after so many tries.
  4. Hi guys. I made a campaign with a small portuguese team named Feirense and a I had just lost my 7th champions league final at season 2041/2042 (never won any!). It is weird because I have the best players of the world, I beat all the giant teams in other stages, but I am complete dominated at the champions league finals even against a very worse squad. Have the developers included an extra advantage related to the tradition of the team only for the champions league final?
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