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  1. It does seem like Daishawn is a bit of a beast in this FM. I have had no problem with him playing on the left as my Ramdueter rotating with Denis Suarez, with Morata/Dybala as my Shadow striker in amc and my right inside forwards as Dybala/Barkley. Currently on the top of the league and hope to keep it that way. Really enjoying this FM so far, one of the best I must say.
  2. That is a nice signing! I went for him but he turned me down. The young center back De ligt? Very good young center back and the striker Dolberg from Ajax is exellent too. I can highly recommend Rugani to anyone, and his partnership with Romagnoli (A.C Milan) is awesome. I have also been looking at Mattia Caldara who looks awesome in 2019. I would add that Christensen is excellent when he plays with Either or of the two players above.
  3. Good looking player over all. Just his concentration and marking worries me.
  4. Cheers PitchPosch. Yeah I didnt really have much hope in him but season 3 and in Ramdueter on the left... BEAST. Morata and Dybala are a beast in my amc strikerless system (my barcelona tactic attempt). Oliver in DLP is crazy with the amount of passes he makes but for danger Pjanic is a beast at creating assists, just opens them up. The players that stood any chance of making my team with style I want to play is Ethan Ampadu, Jay Dasilva (learning from Sandro) & Andreas Christensen. Just didnt feel Loftus-Cheek would do anything for my team in my save. Tammy was a good player and played well when he had the chance but again just didnt fit in with what I wanted from my attacking players. Palmer looked a very good player but I upgraded on him when I signed Barkley. *Just broke consecutive wins record which was 10. Now 11 and hopefully still going. *8 games without conceding
  5. Good to see the forum is busy again. I have been playing with Chelsea since the Beta and looked to develop an controlling 4-1-2-2-1 dm wide. In thirst Season heading into December and looking good. Made loads of mistakes in the first 2 season with signings, morale, tactics etc but even so been 2nd for seasons in a row. Team: Looking good in everything at the moment. Tryign to build a team that can play on the ball. Anyone given the young Redan a go? The kid has come in and hit 8 goals and 5 assists in 10 matches. PS it does seem like i raided Juventus... I kinda did.
  6. Great to see that Daves position to include accomplished at CB & Victor Moses is now accomplished as a wing back in the update of the full game. Time to start my official save. Is there anyway to change the title of this thread to 2017 and just making slight updates to the squad?
  7. I play Luiz in central cd as a BPD on cover in my 3-4-3 and he has been amazing! I am not going to Lie... I have looked at his stats... He would be an amazing box to box! I dont play the two wider players as stoppers because I fear that would leave too much space between them and Luiz as the cover player. However, the defence is only as good as the players in it. I have looked, to my surprise, extremely strong defensively with Cahill/Luiz/Dave. Unfortunately both Dave and Cahill have gotten injured so because Terry just can not hack it anymore, Matic had to drop into DCL role and lucky Zouma has just recovered so my defense is look like this: Matic/Luiz/Zouma (who has just picked up an injury ahhhhh!!). Played Terry in the EFL with Begovic in goal. Just got torn a new one by an average Wigan side. Not doing that ever again! Terry can sit out his contract and get no where near my team. I play a ball winning midfielder (d) on my left with a box to box on the right of midfield. Seems to be working pretty well at the moment but needs a longer period to really tell. I have used Cesc in the Hazard role on the left... been a genius in the games he has played there. Think it is 2 goals (curling shots) and 2 assists in the 3 matches on that side. May be a way of fitting him into the system in real life too? Possible to look into him as a false 9 kinda like he did at Barcelona a few times. Not sure how I would make that work though. Insert other media
  8. Interesting. Seems like a completely different take on his formation to mine. How does it look in defense? I particular liked how our team shifted to a 5-4-1 shape in defense against Southampton today. 3-4-3 Structure & Control GK -Courtois DCL -Cahill/Terry DC -Luiz/Cahill DCR -Dave/Zouma WBL -Alonso/Da silva WBR -Peruzzi/Moses MCL -Matic/Mikel MCR -Kante/RLC/Chalobah AML -Hazard/Willian/Oscar AMR -Pedro/Willian/Oscar ST -Costa/Batsuayi
  9. Feels more streamlined too and for some reason the interviews seem less tedious, definitely new media. A lot of new small improvements to the game all over the place which just generally improves the play of the game and has made it more enjoyable for me. I am going for a hard attacking/counter attacking and pressing 3-4-3 ala Conte system in my second attempt at the Beta save. Here are a look at some of our youth: Christensen Jay Dasilva Aina RLC Chalobah Baker Palmer Solanke Brown
  10. Yeah he was an option and looks great. Danilo and Coentrao were awesome before an annoying beta bug where they got unhappy because I apparently didn't keep my promise and play them in there favorite roles. Abramovic is savage haha. Just been sacked. Will play with another team now just to fool about with the Beta, thinking money ball with Leicester and then come back here when the full game comes out.
  11. Have to agree that I have not had a player score a penalty on the Beta yet.
  12. Or you make the mistake of getting him in the 2nd season and having to pay 30 mill. He has been incredible in CBR and wing back R for me in pre season in Contes 3-4-3. I still cant get use to him having Russian nationality though lol.
  13. I have started my Chelsea beta test save on FM17 and have just finished the season. We were in trouble from the off at 10th position but then got into the top 4, 2nd for most of the season, with a good run of form but finished in 4th after 4 draws in a row to close the season. Not sure why but the promises to players when signing them acted up (probably a Beta issue). Promised they would play in there main role and I did, yet they still moaned and wanted to leave. So a lot of players I bought had to be sold following the season. However, I did seem to get money back for them or a lot more! I opted for the 4-1-2-2-1 formation for the first season. It seemed to work well at home and away for a lot of the season once I knew the way I wanted to play but then it seemed like the clubs figured me out and I hit a rough patch. This has led to me tinkering with Contes 3-4-3 formation for the coming 2017/18 season. Transfers 2016/17: Players out: Ivanovic- Monaco- 3.3 mill Cahill- Quanjian- 4.5 mill Mikel- Leicester- 8 mill Begovic-Man City -10.5 mill Total: 26 mill I have not been a fan of the way Ivanovic has played in real life and he just didnt impress in the game. So I got rid of him and took what I could from who ever was willing. Cahill just didnt perform for us and headed for the door in January. I probably should have got a lot more for him but again needed any money I could to bring in Coentrao after Alonso got injured for 8 months! Begovic was getting annoyed about the lack of first team football which is fair enough as he just wasnt getting any, so off he went too. Players in: Jordan Williams- Huddersfield- 425k Mile Svilar- Anderlecht-1.1 mill Eoghan O'Connel-Celtic-1.5 mill back on loan to them for the season Ryan & Steven Sessegnon - Fulham- 1.8 mill + 325k Danilo-Reak Madird- 7 mill Luan- Gremio- 7.5 mill Timo Horn- Koln- 7.75 mill Coentrao-Real Madrid- 9.5 mill Michael Keane- Burnley- £20 mill The likes of Williams and the Sessegnon brothers were done to keep attempting to bring through some english talent. The young Belgian goalkeep Svilar looked incredible for his age and couldnt say no. O'Connel from Celtic looked a good buy for 1.5 mill. He would go back out on loan for them and have a cracking season! Danilo was brought in for a right back as I just felt we lack quality in the area and for 7 mill... bargain! He was very very good for me and wouldnt hesitate getting him again. As mentioned before an 8 month injury to Alonso led me to bringing in Coentrao who has been a beast on the left hand side of defense. Luan came in to offer some competition for the striker and wing births which he did. Michael Keane... next John Terry, why wouldnt I? Total: 63 mill Nothing really too exciting to talk about. Didn't do much in the Cup competitions and with only the Prem to focus on we got into the top 4, which means champions league football this season coming up (2017/18). Out of the English youngsters I have to say that I especially like the looks of Palmer in the midfield & Fikayo Timori looks promising too. Disappointed with RLC, Aina & N.Chalobah though. I expected them to better in this version of the game for some reason. Especially after the pre season they had. I guess they could be okay if you were willing to blood them and sacrifice results. Then again Roman seems to be pretty harsh first season and it seems is looking for any reason to get rid of you, so its up to you to take the risk or not. Charlie (Colks) looks okay if you are looking for a young english playmaker in your setup. They really need to look at updating Victor Moses though after his extremely good performances, as he really just isn't that great in the game. I have to say though... Marcos Alonso, Luiz and Willians free kicks... insane! Update to come....
  14. Starting Season 2016-17 GK-Courtois/Delac DL-Rahman/Targett DCL-Zouma/Miazga DCR-Stones/Cahill DR-Fernandes/Sidibe DM-Matic/ MCL-Oscar/Bero MCR-Fabregas/Xhaka AML-Hazard/Quadrado AMR-Willian/Marvin Martin STC-Costa/Gameiro/Aouar/Solanke Hoping for a good season ahead.
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