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  1. Not much but my team does not score many goals even though having 20-25 shots in a match, For example see below screenshot. I watch full highlights and we dominate from start to end yet we end up drawing most of the match. Also as per stats there are not many clear cut chances created by team.
  2. Thank you so much, I have tweaked it further as per your suggestion and now its much better. I have also change tempo to lower which is working like charm however still not consistent, May be it is still new.
  3. Thank you all I made few changes based on your suggestion and things look better however it is not consistent, I won 3 and lost 2. Below is my latest tactics, I also instructed AM to roam from position so he will be more mobile. I am still learning
  4. I wanted three men diamond in the middle, so basically my AM - DLP - BWM passes ball between them and when passes diagonals to wing back when opportunity arrives or through ball to W/IF/ST. Shall i change AM to AP?
  5. Thank you Do you mean I should play with two wingers and away from home 4-1-4-1?
  6. Hi Folks, How do you successfully play with 4-2-3-1 in football manager 2019? I have created multiple tactics but nothing seems to work. Attached is my latest 4-2-3-1, I hope all of you tactical genuis can help me to fix it, with this tactics my team scores maximum 2 goals and do not create many chances, Most of my games are ending up with draw. Most of the time, my team by passes DLP and BWM and directly pass ball to IF or wingbacks, My wingbacks will run with the ball and never crosses, Most of the time they end up loosing the ball with exposes the flanks.\ One more issue I have is with IF, No matter whom I play in IF, they seem to pass the ball directly to opposition. They try pass which is never on.
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