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  1. @Halofon I have the same issue as yourself. FM seems to close whenever i open it frm sleep mode. In previous FM19 this wasn't an issue.
  2. Hi i am an amateur player. I would like to view player attributes from a custom database (legends) and compare them to players in my current save.. So i would like to know is it possible to view the custom database in an Excel file or something? or is that not possible. Hopefully somebody can enlighten me on this?
  3. Hi i have tried to look this up elsewhere but to no success. I have always wondered about how the game chooses to "keep player history after retirement"? I have seen some people saying it only keeps 'Important players' which is understandable but what are the criterias for this? So far from what i have checked it has no direct correlation with World Rep or player ability. For example C Eriksen is at Tottenham who is world class player has performed at a high level almost 7.3 rating every season yet he isnt automatically selected? The only viable explanation is that he probably
  4. I cant seem to find this anywhere but does anyone know what does opposition mistake in the opposition team scout report under goal assists consists of ? is it like penalties etc.? if anyone can help me list all that would be great
  5. Hi, is it possible to obtain match reports for transfer targets (players' of other clubs) in the same way u can get match reports for your own players on loan and if so how do i do it? Thank you.
  6. How do i identify the fan favorite players in my team? Is there any sort of way to know how each players' perception with the fans?
  7. No. all responsibilities are under my control ie first team transfers there was no release clause in his contract
  8. My club finances are 'rich'. Maybe it is due to my projected failure in the player wages FFP? Could that be a possible explanation?
  9. Hello, I'm currently playing a Man Utd save and at the start of my 4th season my player got sold without any approval from me. So the story is i received a couple of offers from Inter (loan wit option to buy and straight up buy option) and i've rejected all of the bids. The player himself had no interest in joining Inter. So a few days later his agent approached asked for improved contract terms and i walked away due to high demands. Then everything goes back to normal. A week after the English window closed, i received a message from DoF saying that player has been sold and im furious now. My
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