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  1. i removed GDR from the World Cup + WC Qualifier, but didn't worked out... its not possible for me to do this year i guess.
  2. Hi i got a problem with trying to activate the GDR. Everything works fine so far i could verify the rules on basic, but if i go to advanced rules i got this error. i moved kazakhstan to asia and replaced them in WC qualifier for the GDR (same for Nations League and Euro's) i got 55 Teams in this Qualifier. Another question how can i setup that only the GDR count's as non foreigner? and set every "BRD" Player as foreigner? (in real life only GDR Player were able to play in the highest Division) Thank You!
  3. Hi, is it possible to add more formation presets for Coaches that did not exist in the game example: 3-4-1-2 2DM or 3-2-5?
  4. Hi i got a question about this topic "fallen Giants" in real life football we could already see it a couple of times that big clubs fall down hard. As example Deportivo La Coruna, Schalke 04, HSV, Blackburn, Bolton etc. It also happens in football manager on AI teams, but if a human Manager control a team it always increase at the performance. You never have to struggle to keep the top position you achieved or am i wrong? If you reached that point to win the league you always win the league and you never even struggle to qualify for the Champions League. It would be cool if sometimes a season isn't winable maybe you are unlucky or something else. Whats your opinion on it?
  5. But is there a chance that the AI Teams can catch up on you and start beating you?
  6. Its kinda frustrating if i got to this moment to win the league over and over again without get a real fight against the other teams. I feel like that the tactic matters much more then the player stats? Maybe this could be a problem that you can overperform that quickly.
  7. Hi i dont know how i could describe the title but did you ever fall back with success? Like after 3 times winning the league you only got 5th in the league in your 4th season? in real life it happend multiple times as example. MSV Duisburg, Energie Cottbus, deportivo la Coruna etc. this Teams were in the domestic league but couldnt keep it up there.
  8. Hi community is it possible to figure out which player got the most Champions League titles after 100-200 years? Thank you
  9. This actually worked thank you!
  10. This will fix that the gdr play nations league and euro's? i'll try it soon and report if this worked.
  11. Actually it didn't worked... any other idea?
  12. Thank you i‘ll try this out later today!
  13. hey, i just "reactivated" the GDR in europe while i moved Kosovo to asia and the GDR to europe everything worked fine so far but i got a Problem with the Nationalteam the A-Team did not participate in in the UEFA Nations League and the team got a fixed start to the European Championship meanwhile Kosovo is playing the qualifier... the world cup is absolutely fine and the youth teams also only the A-Team is the problem. any ideas to fix this?
  14. Hey guys, im have a problem to get a Dynamic qualification for a international Cup. i setuped the nations who will participate on the Cup. Example. germany 3 teams england 2 Teams spain 2 Teams france 1 team but how can i make ist work if france get a higher Reputation (Ligue 1 > La Liga) france Should have 2 teams to participate and spain 1. is there a way to do it?
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