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  1. Mediafire links work as far as downloading but still get the issue of not being able to import the .fmf, from another post on the forum it seems .tac file cannot be used unless they are converted to .fmf from within game. Can't really advise what the issue is as never created a tactic to share before, sorry.
  2. fmf file still fails to import and .tac files don't work unless converted to .fmf files as I understand it.
  3. Obviously we do, but using it in windowed mode causes the bottom of the window to be cut off, as stated in the OP.
  4. Not working for me either, FM 2013 on OSX 10.8.2. Has anyone managed to get this to work on FM 2013?
  5. I didn't have to reinstall, download steam .dmg again open it and when you drag the app to the applications folder just say replace, it will start to update and ask you to restart just say no to the restart and it seems to fix the issue.
  6. Any reason why Donovan isn't at everton or keane at villa or Henry at Arsenal ? Playing as Everton and have all other expected players, Jelavic, Gibson, Pienaar etc so Not got wrong data file or anything
  7. Yes, because the person writing the program obviously doesn't have a job or a life to live! Give them a break, if it was that easy to write the program you would be doing it yourself, These things take time.
  8. I third that, the scout tool would be really useful!!
  9. Goto FMDownloads link on the first page, click the complete pack and at the bottom of the premium membership screen click free links, the torrent link is at the bottom of the page. Don't ask me why it isn't just posted on the first page, guess they want you to visit their site, would get it shared a lot quicker if people could just get the torrents started.
  10. I keep getting a "FMRTE didn't detect FM/WSM 2009 running" error. I must be doing something wrong. the game is up and running and I have all the necessary Netfix installed. any ideas anyone please.
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