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  1. Really nice idea. If you would fancy advertising and talking about this project on my 'FM Creator Showcase' series. Let me know. There's a link to the series on the 'Community Player' post.
  2. If anyone is a fan of Aussie Villain - he is features in episode 4 of the FM creator showcase - and he has kindly included some exclusive content (gameplay and other bits) which you won't see on his channel. If you're not familiar with his stuff, check the episode below or nip straight over to his channel and subscribe in time for FM20. https://youtu.be/Lvn61TZAvOw If any FM creators reading this would like to take part in episode 5 please get in touch.
  3. To self plug. Episode 3 is up. Featuring myself and MrGran2 who I see has posted on this forum. If anyone is interested in taking part please get in touch. https://youtu.be/lSTSD4TH2z4
  4. Hello Folks, A little late with this, but I currently have a save running in Gibraltar called 'The Rock'. We are managing FC Hound Dogs (yes, that's right) the worst team in the league system and set-up by a bunch of Elvis enthusiasts. It's a small club, so small in fact that our Chairman is also our best centre-back. I am currently on episode 50, and it has been a huge amount of fun to put together. The critics are raving about it. "I've seen worse" "My 3 year old couldn't do any better" "My Dad didn't make me turn it off immediately" Come along and give it a try from the start or perhaps at the beginning of the new season (episode 51). The Custard Prophet https://youtu.be/kwh3ezxjI9s
  5. https://twitter.com/CustardProphet Small YouTube Creator. Currently have a save in Gibraltar 'The Rock' and a bunch of previous saves in the bank. I also have set up the 'Football Manager Creator Showcase' a series for small creators to show their channels off. Come along and say Hi!
  6. Big thanks to Ragin Cajun for putting this up. Didn't even know this place existed. The idea with this series is to feature 2 small creators per episode and give them a platform to hopefully increase their subscriber base. If you are a creator and would like to get involved please come over to my channel or let me know via twitter @CustardProphet, Really appreciate if people can share this around and if you're feeling generous drop a like on the video. But most importantly go and check out the two creators featured - ABombFM and MINI MABBZ - both of whom are doing some ace work. Cheers Custard Prophet
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