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  1. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I've used this tactic to great effect on previous FMs across many different clubs and leagues but due to the new tactics interface I'm not sure what instructions to use that would keep it in line with your initial principles. Could you shed some light on what instructions and possibly which roles you would use if you were to set it up on this year's game. Thanks in advance 😁
  2. Orginally posted in the tactics and training form but I think this is a better for this. I was wondering about a few things in regards to the DOF. Does he sign players according to his tendencies? Does he sign players and staff according to his tactical side ie pressing style etc. If he has for talking sake say 20 and 20 for Jpa and Jpp will he sign really good players or is it still the same players if he had 10 and 10 Any ideas of responses would be welcome
  3. Unsure as to whether this is the correct bit for this but was wondering about a few things in regards to the DOF. Does he sign players according to his tendencies? Does he sign staff according to his tactical side ie pressing style etc. If he has for talking sake say 20 and 20 for Jpa and Jpp will he sign really good players or is it still the same players if he had 10 and 10
  4. Thanks for your views and ideas towards what I'm trying to do. I'll implement these into my save, see how I get on with it all and I'll report back at the end of the season if all goes well
  5. I was looking through this thread last night and noticed you mentioned a split block, how would I translate that into the game? Would it be through using tighter marking on certain positions and potentially using opposition instructions?
  6. I wasn't sure because we're usually told that a WB behind a W isn't suitable and should be put behind a role that cuts inside to let overlaps happen and usually a FB is partened with a W... or so we are told. If using a HB would you tell the CBs to stay wider or does that naturally happen in-game? I will have a look later when I'm on but was just curious for your take on it
  7. The information you have given me on tactics, roles and instructions are more than enough so I wouldn't worry about further analysing my team. From other comments and posts you provide on the forum I've got no issues with taking your word on it. Both tactics you have provided give me canvas I can work on for what players I need for positions and roles. On the 4123 tactic is the FB to be behind the IF and WB behind the W or was that to be swapped around? Thanks for taking time out to answer my (probably obvious) questions and issues.
  8. That is exactly what I mean, (mines wasn't as poetic as yours 😂). I think I have the players capable of trapping and passing the ball in a quick fashion whilst keeping that high intensity and also to be able to win the ball well. I'm aiming to have 3 or 4 players in advanced positions who you would class as ' total footballers ' so I want them to be able to use their magic if and when they choose. If using either the 4123 or 4231 what roles and instructions would you choose to use whilst trying to keep to my general idea of how I want to play?
  9. Forgot to mention at the start that I was Ac milan. I did think the pressing and counter pressing would leave me open but I thought taking them off would make me less proactive and standoffish. I'm not 100% sure how I want to play, I like the idea of winning the ball quickly and using quick short passes to overwhelm the opposition. My thoughts on using the DLP were to move the ball from defence to midfield better and maybe ping a long pass when the striker or winger are bombing forward. Be more expressive was added because I seem to struggle to break teams down and with having players like Paqueta, Bonaventura, Pavon, Castillejo and Çalhanoglu maybe they would give me that little extra. If my current tactic with your adjustments was used as my balanced starter tactic what role and instruction changes would you do to make a tactic to use against weaker teams who just camp in their own box. I have also bought Cristian Pavon (Boca), Lucas Silva (Real Madrid) and Johannes Geis (Ex Schalke). Sold Biglia and Suso. Incase that helps with anything
  10. Playing ok with this current tactic and was just curious if anyone would do anything different to either the roles or instructions. Sk d Fb s Cd d Cd d Wb a W a b2b dlp d Iw a Am a Cf s Im playing a Balanced mentality with the following instructions Pass into space, play out of defense, be more expressive Roll it out, distribute quickly, counter, counter-press Higher def line, more urgent, stay on feet, tighter marking, use offside trap DLP has close down less to keep some shape in the middle I get better results against bigger teams and struggle to open up and break down smaller teams who sit back, what changes would you make to either draw out the opposition or camp in their half and probe for openings
  11. keep getting a crash dump straight after starting a new career, it lets me do the meetings then stops working straight away. I've tried 3 times now in the past 5 minutes and it keeps coming up the same crash dump. The beta worked fine before this new update came out. FM 2018 v18.1.1.1040315 (2017.11.10 22.08.21)
  12. Came across this old thread and wondered if this is the same for fm17 regarding attributes. I've always been unsure of what to look for when trying to buy that wonderkid.
  13. Most appreciated, you're a god among men. How your brain digests and translates is unbelievable
  14. @Ö-zil to the Arsenal! I use your sacchi tactic with a few of my own tweaked variations and was just wondering what roles did you use for training per position? I usually go for AM or AP for the attacking midfielder role but I've noticed they don't progress as well as others? Gk - sweeper keeper Cbs - ball playing defender Fb & wb - complete wing back Wm & w - wide midfielder Dlp & cm - roaming playmaker Am - as discussed Cf - complete forward. These are my usual individual training roles. Do you also use the same roles for your youth development or are they geared towards training different attributes? My general training is kept on balanced for my first team and fitness for my youth team all year every year. Apologies if this has been previously discussed and also for the length of the post.
  15. i cannot for the life of me get logos onto fm17, i have tried everything in the videos ive watched and i just cannot seem to get it onto the game. does anyone have any ideas as the made up logos are driving me insane.
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