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  1. Giz1

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

    Cheers Guys Had a look at PESedit and noticed a new patch released today, hopefully at some point there will be an alternative option to download as uploaded.net will take forever unless I pay for membership.
  2. Giz1

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2013

    Just bought PES 2013 for the PC, I now have it installed but it's been quite a few years since I last played a PES game and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction on what I need to download to improve the overall experience. Basically I'm after info on any patches, data updates, real names and kits etc
  3. Why don't you get the bank to write you a cheque, you might have to pay a small admin fee but it's basically the same as cash as it's guaranteed to clear but a hell of a lot safer than a bag full of notes. Also I don't believe you need to give any notice period although it may be wise to ring the bank to check.
  4. Giz1

    General Laptop Thread

    The Dell is on offer still, just checked the website but the £399 price is excluding VAT. When added to the basket the deal has an expiry date of 10/08/11, also there is a free delivery offer ending today. Basically the standard Laptop is £478.80 if bought today, £502.80 tomorrow
  5. Giz1

    Have I been diddled?

    Thats what they charge when it's a software issue and not a hardware fault
  6. Giz1

    Frustrating internet

    But if you don't receive the landlords post at your house what difference would it make what you include, they either won't believe you or talk to the landlord who in turn would no doubt contact the ISP. Either way this isn't going to end well for tcoleman1
  7. Giz1

    Frustrating internet

    Do you get all your landlords letter delivered to your house then? Never rented before so have no idea how it works but surely if it's in his name he would have set it up to be sent to his registered office.
  8. Giz1

    Joint ownership of a house problem

    Terrible idea, if you care about your sister at all you won't even contemplate this or at least not until she emigrates and needs the money for set herself up and is shot of her current boyfriend. An 18 year old girl and an out of work 20 year old boyfriend who likes to spend money but not earn it suddenly come into a fair amount of money from the part sale of a house, I think we all know this won't end well. The house/money is there for her future, she'll thank you for it in the long run.
  9. Giz1


    Bottom of the page states Resellers UK Ltd and the Contact page states Games Bundle Sales GB U.K Ltd, I can find neither registered on the companies house website. Now they may well be registed but I wouldn't be shopping on that site any time soon
  10. Giz1

    Anyone here got a Netgear Router?

    Would the following be of any use? http://www.farina1.com/DG834G/page_01.htm
  11. Giz1

    Champix (smoking cessation drug)

    Yeah, fine by me Goodluck giving up
  12. Giz1

    Champix (smoking cessation drug)

    Obviously it can effect people differently and I can only speak from my own personal experiance. I imagine the vast majority of people don't suffer any side effects at all but even so it's good advice about talking to a Doctor if you have any concerns or if you notice any problems while on the treatment.
  13. Giz1

    Champix (smoking cessation drug)

    It's the Champix, not the withdrawal symptoms.
  14. Giz1

    Champix (smoking cessation drug)

    There have been reported suicide attempts. I don't know about other areas but Champix have been available since October 2007 on the NHS where I live. Sounds very similar to my experiance.
  15. Giz1

    Champix (smoking cessation drug)

    From what I understand the mood swings aren't down to not smoking as the drug controls the withdrawal symptoms. I actually found the not smoking part easy, just the side effects were a nightmare. Goodluck.