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  1. No. I can loan in listed players as I wish. Im much more frustated than I cannot loan players who are not listed. Their clubs rejects it, even if they're backup, and/or doesnt plays much in the league stating they're too important to keep around. May unrealistic amount of buyout fee would resolve this, but please....
  2. After played a full season in MLS I found some things which would be nice in the next realese or via updates: - Draft - Player designation in contracts (Designated player, etc.) - Working second team (their league performance and stats, etc.) - Better player trade option (I mean make available the full roster for possible selection) Also I have some other general suggestions: -Add/Remove league option (I know there is four league limit but as I see those leagues are cannot be changed later) -Mod support (for database updates, faces, logos etc.) -Loan fee for convincing clubs -Possibility to sign players who are in the last year of their contracts w/o. paying for their club (free transfer) -Possibility of raising transfer budget via real money Sorry if other people already suggested these things too. Note that Im playing on console and not on PC so I have no intention to buy the full game. Also even the Touch version contains things I dont want to cope with (like media).
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