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  1. Appreciate the support for a 3 year old game thats already given hundreds of hours of enjoyment. Support the independent developers folks, they're the best!
  2. Amazing you're even giving it a look! File uploaded as OM.fm If I have an older save of same season any chances I'd be able to avoid corruption on same date ? Any tips for maintaining a large save ? Have both macos and windows, is one better than the other at managing long term saves ? If this save is lost and I do upgrade to 20, wouldn't mind adhering to best practices to ensure I can keep the save alive for as long as possible.
  3. Game keeps crashing on same date. On latest version with a custom db. I have tried : 1) Re-install steam 2) Verify local files 3) Re-install game 4) Loading save on another pc Still won't let me progress beyond the current date in game. Any help would be appreciated as I'm hoping to sim until we can import saves into future versions
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