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  1. I felt like 17 was the most flexible in terms of tactical diversity. Could create various attacking and defensive styles that were equally effective.
  2. 1 game in I think I have it sorted Was really only happening when I used any formation with only one wide player on each side (either just an AMR/AML with no fullback coverage or just fullbacks with not AMR/AML up front. If I went with a formation that had both didn't see the problem. Changing corner attacks so that I had 3 at the back seems to have helped. Changing composition of throw in defenders may have made a difference too, but can't really say as options were pretty limited. Really wish I had Liverpools resources and could just tell the throw in coach to f
  3. Have taken Forest Green from League Two to the Championship. Along the way a small problem in the lower leagues has turned into a gaping hole in the Championship. Namely, I've getting killed on throw ins (either my team or the other teams) and counterattacks when my team is taking a corner. I'm off to the set pieces to take a look at how I'm setup, opening this thread in the likely event I can't figure out a good counter. At this stage I'm completely willing to sacrifice any offensive benefits so long as I can shut these types of opportunities down. Concerns in order of impor
  4. Not too optimistic as the demo is automatically removed from the library and steam cloud....probably part of the cleanup routine to delete the cloud saves. Will let you know how the steam ticket goes.
  5. Was playing and thoroughly enjoying the demo. Save files were going to the cloud. Bought and installed the full game. Local saves are there but the cloud saves are not. Tried going to https://store.steampowered.com/account/remotestorage but the demo is no longer there and its disappeared from my steam library so I can't launch it. Trying to install the demo on another system just installs the full retail version. Did open a steam ticket as well to see if I they can find the cloud saves.
  6. Love the idea. Every version I always try a true back 3. I had to go shorter or much shorter passes otherwise my CBs would too often try risky pass. Shorter gave me a better mix while much shorter has so far constricted the flow too much. Very nice, I have just had to dial closing down a little as it made the CBs commit to the ballside too much and leaving us open to a switch. Thread here has some of my tactics which aim for similar outcome. The first tactic I post is in really bad shape. I need to reload from my base formation as that one does no offense or defense. The secon
  7. I was hoping these tactics would encourage my wings to come back on defense in case the opposition doesn't go for the quick shot. In past iterations I found I could have the attackers pressing intensely while the CBs either snuffed out the quick counter or dealt with action in the box on slow buildup. Maybe I'm playing too low a defensive line and allowing the counter attackers too much time and space on the initial transition. Will remove tighter marking, make sure CB pressing is least urgent I can find, and push line up a bit. Its interesting to see when they figure it out because
  8. Relative to the left I thought they were equally bad in terms of protection. I do want to score goals. This is my concede 2 get 3 formation. So I do want to stay top heavy but interested in modifying stated aggressive defensive functions. Your projections are accurate. This happens quite a bit. It is my teams main way of conceding, which I'm 100% ok with. What I'm trying to correct is spacing between my 3 CBs. They all seem to shift towards the ball more than I want them to leaving the weak side incredibly open to an accurate cross. Feast or famine there as well, but
  9. First screenshot is the tactic that doesn't work. Second screenshot I have not had a meltdown for awhile, but still not ready to say its sorted as I don't have enough games in with the changes.
  10. I've got 17 foreigner limit, no work permits required.
  11. Ack! Thought thats where I was! The irony of asking how to help players get positional awareness when I have none myself!
  12. So I play risky football. Used to conceding many goals initially as my team learn tactics. So fact I can occasionally concede 3 goals to a lesser team is not a concern. Conceding 5 or more to a superior team will happen. What I'm trying to figure out is how to prevent a particular type of goal being scored. Usually when I bleed this tactic in I'll give up these types of goals throughout the first half of the season. There will be quite a few ugly games. But eventually the 3 CBs figure it out and these types of goals go away. This year though I can't seem to get rid of the poor spacing by
  13. Forest Green, cause they’re nuts. Sunderland makes it relatively easy to move up because of budget/stadium/support.
  14. Never tried below league 2, found the jump to Championship to be the hardest. Prem is the easiest by far just because expectations are so low. Winning it usually takes me at least 5 yrs.
  15. Thank you Pep! Its nice to see my work at being 16th, 1 point from safety is being recognized! This is the best season ever.
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