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  1. Can't wait for your new tactics. I'm really hype for this.
  2. Hi Mr.TFF will you have a plan to make 442 formation tactic ? I'm really missed this formation
  3. I really need your help for stucking on loading screen how to fix this and I can't even find my Preferences and/or Caches Folder
  4. Hi Mr.TFF I have a question In Fmrte how to freeze The Morale and Conditions for all teams in the league I'm quite new here Thx in advanceXD
  5. Hi Mr.TFF what is the individual focus for AMC is it trequartista attack right ? Thx in advance XD
  6. Hi Mr.TFF do you have a plan to make another striker's role such as Complete Forward, Pressing Word or something ? or Advance Forward is most suitable on your tactic ? by the way I personally love your Raptor V4 XD and it gave the best result to my Arsenal with undefeated and won the treble.
  7. Hi TFF, I have a stupid question for the general training just train only balance training right ? Thx in advance.
  8. Thx too much for contributing amazing tactics Mr. knap ur Argus tactic is unstoppable. Spurs 1st season won both Prem and UCL XD
  9. Mr. TFF what are the individual training focuses for ZEUS V1 because I unintentionally deleted my file T__T Thx in advance
  10. Thx a lot for useful information Mr.TFF, I will try XD
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