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  1. Hi rafael, thanks a lot for the insights into your training concept. According to your comment I will probably leave the training more up to my assistant, except the fitness training as he has a low value for that attribute. In the beginning I had bigger groups like 5-6 players, but I reduce the number of player to 3-4 since I had the impression that it works better. So this is in agreement with your recommendation. Maybe I should have closer look on which have the potential as "right mentor". Interestingly, the reserve team seems to have a "good character". For players in the reserve squad (youth team) I usually get the message that the character of the team has got a positive influence on the player's development. But the first squad in deed has not the best determination. Moreover, there are some egoistic players, that possibly have a negative influence. The facility are at a high level. Thats true. Even a little Messi needs some time Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hi everybody, I am quite new to this forum, so I apologize in advance if my problem was already discussed a couple of times, however most topics I found so far were focusing on FM19, but not on the Touch version. My current problem is the unsatisfying development of my players (within 1-2 seasons). In general, the development of the player's attributes is quite slow. Even young players (age<18), who get regular match experience develop quite slowly and in addition sometimes even lose key skills like determination. Other players (age<24) have decreasing key-attributes, even though these skills are supposed to increased due to the individual training (role training). Atm, I am in charge for the Team training (not the assistant) and I change the focus (set pieces, offense, defense, ...) every week. This works until some players start zu complain about the training. Even if I change the focus, more and more players are unsatisfied. At that point I have to apply my assistant as head couch, then most of the players are happy again within 1 or two days. So how are you usually handling the training responsibility. Do you leave it up to your assistant or are you choosing the training focus yourselves? Or a mixture as I do? Regarding the individual training, I let every player focus on his specific role/position with automatic intensity. So the individual training is active almost for all players. Concerning the mentoring groups, I have two groups each for the defense, def. midfield, off. midfield and strikers, and one group for the goalkeepers. I try to mix players of different ages and hope for the young players to learn from the more experienced players. Sometimes I receive a message from my assistant, saying that a players development is negatively affected by the bad character of the team (sorry as I am playing the German version, I do not know the exact wording in the English version). Have you experienced that as well or do you have any clue why this is? I checked the overall attributes of my team, its only the courage, which below the leagues average, so I do not really know where the negative impact of the team character comes from. Also the character of the players is more or less "professional". So from your experience, what is a good way to create effective mentoring groups? Maybe I am too impatient and it just takes a while until a significant improvement of the players's skills becomes visible but anyway I hope you can give me some advises! Thanks a lot for your support.
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