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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I have seen some screens of your excel table with the Point averages. Is that table free to acces? The reason behind the amc was Not that I had one, more that I wanted one. And is your 4132 with or without AP fix?
  2. Hey Knap, just some short questions, because I am not certai: I am managing a Top 4 Team in my League and am trying to decide between the 41311 Pilgrimage and the 4411 P108(want to use a 10). I don't have good inverted Wingbacks or a Mezzala. Which of your Tactics would be more solid? Currently I suppose the 41311 when I play CL or Top Teams in my League and 4411 otherwise. And if I went looking for an IWB what are the most solid attributes, because I don't see too many of those in my Scouting. Ps. What does it mean with your Top, sub and under? Top for top Team and under for underdog?
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