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  1. Hi @FLACKO Thanks for the feedback, the cash to burn achievement is £50m or more, if this has been translated wrong then my apologise for this, is it saying 30m in Portuguese? The 90% and affiliate club achievements are very niche. For the affiliate club achievement, you have to get the board to give you a club that is feeder team, once they do this the achievement unlocks, normally this unlocks when you have been with the club for a long time. The 90% achievement is that full faith or board expectations? Thanks
  2. HI @ElCarmine Thanks for the feedback, have you tried setting up a game yourself and inviting a friend to join using the overlay or the game status invite friend button? Are you running through steam or epic? Thanks
  3. HI @ranelul100 Thanks for your feedback, could you make sure your host and your machines clock and time settings are set correctly as this could give you issues with your online game. If they are set correctly have you tried deleting your cache and preferences and trying again? Thanks
  4. Hi @joespa89 We had quite a lot of users who had issues getting online and it was due to their machines clock and time zone settings being wrong so make sure both machines have the correct settings. Have you tried using invites via the overlay? When you get an invite make sure you on the main menu and not on the join online lobby page. Thanks
  5. Hi @casederik Thanks for the feedback, we will have to look into this more. On another users save we did see a crash which has been logged and is being looked into but the majority of the saves we have had from users we haven't been able to reproduce the issue. Thanks
  6. Hi @thebosswebb Thanks for raising the issue, does your friend have all the extra files loaded when they join? Are they put in the correct place before starting the game? Thanks
  7. Hi @casederik Just continued the save for a month and was able to read all the inbox messages that the client had. When we first opened the save the client had 7 messages, after continuing for a month we were able to read all 150 messages. Are you both using windows? Thanks
  8. Hi @casederik Thanks for the save, when we loaded it we were able to ready the inbox items without an issue, how long in terms of game time do you start seeing the issue? Thanks
  9. Hi @casederik@trusttt @james4818 Sorry your are having this issue too, could you send us your saves at the point you are seeing this issue. Could you also reply in this thread with the name of the saves. Thanks
  10. Hi @ElCarmine Thanks for raising the issue, could you check your time zone settings on your machine and make sure they are the correct settings. Thanks
  11. Hi all Does anyone have a save that this issue reproduces each time? This is a known issue but we are unable to reproduce it. If you have a save from where the issue reproduce each time could you send this to us? Could you also reply here with the name of the save and the exact steps to reproduce? Thanks
  12. Hi @joespa89 Can you check your time zone and clock settings on your machine and the hosts machine to make sure they are correct then try joining the lobby again? Thanks
  13. Hi @FixUpDanSharp Thanks for the feedback, can you send us your save so we can take a look at the issue? Could you also reply in this thread with the name of the save too? Thanks
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