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  1. Hi @tem Thanks for the feedback, so you are seeing divergences for AI games too not just player matches? Is this reproducing for you each time from your save? Thanks
  2. Hi @Skibii Thanks for your feedback, could you send us your save so we can look at this for you? If you could reply to this thread with the name of the save too? Thanks
  3. hi @ethann Thanks for the feedback. That is great news. Have all the divergences stopped since removing this file? Could you please send us this .fmf file so we can take a look at it to see what the issue was? Could you also reply to this thread with the name of the file? Thanks
  4. Hi @ethann Thanks for the save and all the information provided, this is a known issue which we are looking into. In regards to your experience with the issue, are you getting the different results if you don't watch the matches? When you say your friends don't see anything different are you the host or client of the save? Thanks
  5. Hi @willeremes Thanks for raising the issue, did you check to see if the Epic servers were down at the time? Is this issue still happening? Thanks
  6. Hi @Doodcom Unfortunately we are still looking into this issue, if you have a save that reproduces this issue each time you play a match could you send this to us and any steps you did before you saw the divergence? If you could reply to this thread with the name of the save as well. Thanks
  7. Hi @thuddy Could you send us your online game save from before this match so we can have a look into this. If you could reply to this thread with the name of the save as well. while we are looking into this save could you try removing yourself from attending the match and then try and watch the match with the view button when the match has kicked off and see if you are able to view the match that way? Thanks
  8. Hi @MasterA We loaded the save and were able to continuously play the game between two users without an issue. This could be an internet connection issue as like you said you are having no issues with single player. Could you try swapping over hosts and seeing if that solves the issue. When running the online game could you check your internet speeds and see what speed you are getting when you are playing? Thanks
  9. Hi @MasterA Thanks for the save, we will look into this for you and reply here when we have more information. Thanks
  10. Hi @MasterA Could you send us your online save from just before the game freezes so we can take a look at this issue? Can you reply here with the name of save too? Thanks
  11. Hi @Flameneer As the user has a password to protect their account there is not a way to get access to his manager. Have you made this user an admin of the game so they can take over any manager at will that doesn't have password protect accounts? Thanks
  12. Hi @dcu223 Thanks for raising the issue, have you tried swapping the host to see if the issue is still happening? Did this only start happening after the 10th season and all previous seasons were fine? If that is the case can you send us your save so we can have a look at this? If you could also reply to this thread with the name of the save too. Thanks
  13. Hi @Mägge With the player limit being over this could cause issues for either the host or client hence why there is a recommendation message saying the limit. Could you try a new save under the limit to see if this issue is still happening for the client or if the issue happens for the host? Also are all the graphic drivers updated on the clients machine? Thanks
  14. Hi @Andymufc1991 On gamepass have you enabled crossplay? To do this you need to open the xbox app, click on settings, click on manage privacy settings, your browser will open and then you need to log in with your account. once logged in click Xbox One/Windows 10 Online Safety and it's the first option in the list. Set this to allow then try your online game again. Thanks
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