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  1. Positioning and tackling are too low for him to be a BBM. Passing is great for a playmaker, but vision not so much. I'd just train him as an IF/IW on focus on his finishing/final third.
  2. You mean IRL? More like 30+. This season, however, he has been struggling. I think he has 2 goals or something. For me he got something like 12-13, but mostly from penalties. He squanders too many chances and Cutrone on the other hand is way more lively and creates more for my team. I play two strikers though.
  3. Never managed to get much from Piatek. He's my perennial underperformer. He works better as a poacher though. Even in real life he doesn't much beside goalscoring (and he hasn't been scoring). I'd consider a role for him to create space, his off the ball movement is really good in the game. Perhaps a CF-Su with a runner from midfield. He sucks in my Milan save and nothing works with him though.
  4. You need one holding midfielder imho. Good teams will expose you on the counter and the 4-1-2-3 is going to give you a lot of problems.
  5. So true. I have way more success tweaking my wide players as WMs than as AML/AMR in my Milan save. Some teams sit so deep that I have the whole central area of the pitch to work with but no space on the final third. By the way, checking through which flank they channel their attacks goes a long way when trying to explore space. When you play a formation with two wide men, analyse in any given game where you tend to recover the ball and where your final ball goes through. At least in FM19, you tend to start in one flank and finish the play in the other one, so you should know which flank is more appropriate for you to have the attack duty.
  6. I never use them, except for tackling harder on players with low bravery/determination to take them out of the game, and only if I don't have anyone hanging on a yellow in that position. Other than that, if I see any glaring issues I prefer changing roles/duties or subtle changes to a formation, like removing a striker and adding another midfielder to keep possession and have more protection in front of my back four, especially if I'm trying to protect a lead. OIs can overcomplicate things in my opinion. Actually, the fewer instructions the better for me - I probably use 4-5 TIs at best. It's easier for you to figure out what's going right or wrong.
  7. I'd recommend watching Tifo Football's video on Inter. Check it on YouTube as it's very informative and gives you a good idea of what Inter does.
  8. I believe this also depends on your approach in terms of pressing and getting the ball back. I play a RPM/Mez-Su and a CAR in a 4-4-2, but I have a high d-line and I counter press, so when I lose the ball my players go berserk trying to get it back and it ends up forcing a long ball, which my high line deals with. However, if I see they have an outlet in the middle of the park I switch to a DLP-De + a CM-Su or a BBM. It's important to notice if the opposition are trying to exploit space or if they are so defensive that they won't, which can make you more willing to take risks.
  9. That's interesting, but the first one never worked for me. They obliterate me on the counter or beat my high press too easily. However, some formations, in theory, have antidotes. The 4-1-4-1 DM is supposed to have an advantage or neutralize the 4-2-3-1 (the flat version works better in my opinion). The 4-2-3-1 is expected to counter the 4-4-2. You can see where this is going. I check the scout report and see their vulnerable formations. If a team has problems facing determined formations I will take a look at their past matches and see what happened. This is only in exceptional cases though. I'm more than happy fielding a 4-4-2 week in, week out.
  10. Check his channel, Bustthenet.
  11. Thanks man. Your 4-4-2 was the most successful tactic I've used in FM 2019 and it's refreshing to be able to play it and achieve success. I was kinda sick of the 4-1-2-3/4-2-3-1. By the way, awesome channel.
  12. You can do it many ways. Not sure how it works in FM 2020, but @Rashidi 4-4-2 is brilliant especially if you have a good target man and a midfield pairing that's competent for your division. I took his tactic and adapted it a little bit for my team, as I'm Milan. So far I've lost two games, currently in the second month of my second season. Some tips: - A ball playing defender helps a lot with playing from the back. - You can adapt your offensive style through your WMs. I like one of them cutting inside and acting as a second playmaker and another one getting on the end of things. - I play a RPM-CAR pairing. If they have an AMC, I change it for a DLP-De and a heavily tweaked CM-Su or a Mezzala on support. The FB on the Mezzala side is then given a more conservative role (IWB-De, FB-Su). - The striker partnership can work in many ways. If they don't have a DMC, a DLF-Su + AF-At/PF-At works nicely. If they do, I use a TM-At + PF-At and increase width, telling both my WMs to cut inside. FBs are set to WB-Su. That gives a lot of open shots outside the box for my two midfielders. I only do that when the opposition leaves one man forward though. - You'll be somewhat reliant on set pieces if crossing is anything like in FM 2019. - Ensure you're compact defensively. Higher D-Line and Standard LOE works nicely on positive mentality if you've got the players. I counter press because I'm Milan, but regroup works nicely. - If you've got WMs with good work rate and midfielders with good positioning and tackling, you'll be alright defensively. Plus the 4-4-2 obliterates the 4-1-2-3 (with both forwards on attack duty, you'll have a 2v2 or 2v3 situation when you retain the ball). I'm still unbeaten versus Lazio, Juve, Roma, Napoli, Inter and Fiorentina. - The only impactful signings I've made with Milan were Tonali and Haller. I was tipped for Europa League at the start of the season. You don't need a super team, just the right players in their positions. Hope it helps!
  13. Matias Vargas from Velez is attainable for around three million euros. I paid that much for him on my 2nd season and he's a beast.
  14. Your approach is too binary. Play on a positive mentality, reduce attacking duties, increase support duties, have a compact defense (Higher D-Line/Standard LOE) and have only one Mezzala. That would help. Maybe try something like this: -------------SK-Su----------- FB-At----CD-De-CD-De--FB-Su --------------DLP-De---------------- ----------CAR----Mez/BBM-Su---------- IF-Su--------------------------------W-At -------------------PF-At--------------- The CAR covers for the full back, you get a natural overlap. The Mez and the Winger will interact nicely with the FB-Su occasionally going forward (ask him to sit narrower though) and the DLP will be the pivot down deep to recycle possession and spray passes to the wings. The FB should sit narrower so your flank doesn't get caught if a deflection goes the wrong way. This is situational though - you have to realise what their outlets are and then ask yourself: If that guy gets the ball, who's going to engage him? If said player engages him, is that going to open up a lot of space? Where? A simple example: I play a 4-4-2 with a RPM/Mez-Su and a Carrilero (I'm Milan and most teams leave one man forward playing on defensive mentality). If I notice that a team has deployed an AM and he will have a lot of space and time on the counter, I change the full back on the Mezzala side for an IWB-De. However, I do that because teams in Italy usually play with lone wingbacks. Against a 4-2-3-1, doing that might leave the flank exposed, so I can have a better defensive player as a WM on support. If I still feel vulnerable, I'll just replace a forward for a DM, usually played as an Anchorman. Now, depending on my defensive settings (of course), I will have coverage in all areas. The Anchorman doesn't have to leave his position to engage the AM, the FB on support will cover his flank (beware of individual traits) and the CAR will cover the other flank. Finally, you have to balance risk/reward. You might be protected on the counter, but your offense is now sterile. Why is that? Are you passing the ball too slowly? Too quickly? Too directly? Are their wingers playing on support or attack duty? Where can you afford to be more adventurous? It's not simple, but it's not that complicated. However, duties should work in tandem. If you have a WB on defend and a IF-At, the whole wide area between those two players will be a no-man's land, a fatal mistake. Guys like Mbappe and even other competent wingers or IFs will get the ball deep and run at your defence, causing you a lot of trouble.
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