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  1. So you want to split your CBs so they cover for your wingbacks? If you can live without an AMC you're better off using a 4-1-4-1 wide with a halfback. Your AMC can be deployed as a MC with an attacking duty (CM-at works quite nicely, he just starts deeper, you can tweak his instructions so he acts as a playmaker, or use an AP). With both your fullbacks on attack as wingbacks, even if your CM drops deep to act like a defender, you'll probably get murdered in transition if they have a guy moving into the channels. You can choose more static roles for your midfielders, such as CM-De and DLP-Su so they can shield your defenders a bit and press the opposing wingers while you regroup. Maybe a DLP-De/CM-De on one side and a CAR on the other? It doesn't do what you want but it might get you some better coverage on the wings.
  2. Yeah I agree, I'll stick to the 4-1-2-3 and build around that. My reputation as a team is quite low and most teams play positive against me, so if I get this counter-attacking tactic I'm gonna have a field day, hopefully.
  3. About the 4-1-2-3 I've made the changes after noticing some flaws in the game, so my IF is on support with a WB-Su and on the other side I have a WB-Su with a Winger on Attack. Anchorman vs 4-2-3-1 or HB vs 4-4-2, and a BWM next to the AP to challenge their inside forwards (I normally put him on the same side as an opposing inside forward, if they're playing wingers I remove narrow defending). However, I've reverted to Cautious, and I noticed that the attacking wingers still track back more often and the WBs on support just provide deeper width and overlap very rarely. It worked well, and I managed to beat Villa 3-0 having more than 25 shots, over 10 on target and 4-5 clear cut chances. I might change the AP to CM-At next to a winger on support and have the IF on attack next to the BWM on support. It looked like this: Sk-Su WB-Su-----CD-De-CD-De-----WB-Su ---------------------A/HB------------------- W-At ------AP-Su----BWM-Su----IF-At AF-At Cautious mentality, more direct passing, higher tempo, hit early crosses, standard D-Line and Lower/Standard LOE, counter-press, wingers and AF told to press more, BWM will also press more due to his role. When I said everything else was on standard I meant I only changed passing settings, tempo and hit early crosses. Btw, the AP is a loanee from City and he's been playing quite well on the role. Luka Ilic, most of his stats are between 11-14, he's got good passing, vision, composure and decisions, 12 for long shots and dribbling, also good in the air for a midfielder and decent pace/balance/acceleration (all between 12-14). Not too shabby, not that great, but he's the star I guess. I'll try the 4-4-2 with that setup but with two strikers on attack, I'm thinking PF-At + AF-At. Just managing to beat the streak of 10 games without winning was quite relieving though.
  4. You basically have two lines of press. You can achieve that by leaving your pressing on default and telling specific players (your most advanced ones, normally) to close down more. On your formation you can probably tell your two most advanced players and two wingers to close down more. If they are overlapping I'd use opposite instructions instead so you don't have both your fullbacks and wingers closing down the same player only for the other wide player to make a run behind you. Ideally you want some players to press more and others maintaining the defensive shape - the back four and your defensive midfielder.
  5. Well, first of all how do you want to score goals and who do you want to do it? Your lineup and choice of roles looks suited to play direct football, but you're strangling the opposition into their half with very aggressive engagement settings. If you decide to keep these roles I'd drop the line of engagement and the D-Line to standard and turn on counter press. When you recover the ball, your players will have more space to run with the ball. The roles themselves look quite alright for the style. Bear in mind that your CM-At will make runs to attack the crosses, so you'll potentially have 2-3 guys at the box. A DLF-At will come slightly less deeper and run into the box for crosses as well, although he will do so from a less advanced position, so make sure he has good pace/accel/anticipation/off the ball, which I'm guessing he does not. I'd try and leave him as an AF - they are very industrious and go after loose balls, plus at this level of playing they will get their fair share of one on ones from balls played over the opposition's defense. If you want more variation try a mezalla on attack next to an IF-Su and a winger on attack on the other side. Just think about how you'll recycle possession though - your CM-Su will get onto loose balls and give them to...? That's where your fullbacks come into play. An IWB-De can help a lot with that. A FB-De can be a deeper passing option and can still deliver good unmarked crosses too. You don't want your midfielder losing the ball with only 2-3 players back to defend, especially with a much higher D-Line.
  6. On positive mentality he will probably be on balanced individual mentality and will provide a deeper option for passing. If you lose the ball and it goes to a wide player, you're toast as he will be out of position and your fullbacks will be too far up the pitch. You will probably concede a clear cut chance after a cross to the far post to a running man. Happens more often than you think.
  7. My alternative was going with a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide. I have more knowledge of that formation when playing possession/positive football though. How can I make it more defensively solid? Off the top of my head I thought: SK-De FB-Su ---- BPD-De --- CD-De --- FB-Su A/DM/HB - De BWM- Su---AP-At IF- At-------------------------------------W-At AF - At Standard mentality and everything else, hit early crosses. Transition settings: Regroup, Counter, Distribute to flanks. Standard D-Line, Lower Line of Engagement. Haven't tried this in game yet, but it doesn't sound too bad. I'm just afraid the AF might be too isolated, but I also expect the team to pass more directly and have him use his pace a little more with space to run onto. Oh, and how would I make that 4-4-2 setup more conservative? Btw, both my strikers can play the trequartista role according to suitability, but I'm guessing they don't have enough stats/flair though. I've got a guy that I signed for 1.5 million who's playing for the U-19 England squad and he seems quite promising. I guess the main problem is the players and the disparity in the level of competition. I'm spending 275k on wages per week. The sixth placed team on the table is on 700k, and Huddersfield is on nearly a million. Despite that, I'm not too used to finishing 16th-17th in this game, so I guess that has made me a little restless as a manager. Maybe I'm messing too much with the formation in an attempt to end our poor streak of results.
  8. So, I've signed with Derby after taking Bury to promotion and what I found was an overaged squad and a team heavily in debt. I managed to balance the finances whilst selling some of my best players, but I've got enough depth in all positions. I had to achieve a mid-table finish, which I did, and with a few games to go on the season and a winningless streak of 8 games, I want to try something different and make a 4-4-2 work. The problem is my squad is below average or average in almost everything in comparison with the league. What I thought: SK-Su FB-At --- CD-De --- CD-De --- FB-Su IW-Su ---- DLP-De --- CM-Su --- W-At AF-At ----- PF-Su The idea is to play counter-attacking football, so mentality would be balanced with a standard D-Line and a lower line of engagement. Pressing would be more urgent with get stuck in so I'm not too passive when defending and I believe passing/tempo should be on standard for now. My issues after playing two gams with it: - I'm too used to playing with a DM, so I have some space issues between my back four and central midfield areas. The CM-De seems to cover that space a little but my CM-Su is too often caught napping or taking a while longer to react - I have him on roam from position to attack as a quasi-playmaker but he's been getting poor ratings. - Is this something that will work if my strikers aren't so good in the air? I set the team to try low crosses but I'm not too satisfied. Can a partnership of two DLF or two PF work up top? I also thought about trying two advanced forwards and changing my wingers to inside forwards on attack with full backs on support, then I would have a DLP-De and a BBM or CM-Su. - I noticed I've been conceding too much from long shots, can a stopper/cover setup reduce that problem? - Should I counter-press or regroup with that setting? I've tried both, but it seems they have a lot of space to run into. I end up conceding from diagonal spaces into the far post for a tap-in from their winger/IF. - We have trouble keeping the ball and we tend to keep passing it short with a man free on the other side, but he's too isolated (often the winger on attack). Any help would be appreciated.
  9. It sounds to me you are inviting too much pressure. Your defenders are also very passive, you have like two players closing down at best and your line of four are ball watching. If you still wanna keep playing like that, change to narrow defending or try a stopper-cover defensive setup for your CDs, as in this specific video you were being played through the middle. If the idea is to soak up pressure you need to be more compact. You gotta adjust sometimes - if they're playing inside forwards on both sides and their fullbacks are not going forward, going narrow is a better idea. If they have wingers, you might wanna go standard and so on. You can try to ask your wingers and forwards to close down more as well.
  10. You would want one guy dropping deep to help with playmaking and another one being a more focal point, getting on the end of crosses/loose balls in a more traditional partnership. I use a F9 and an AF myself, but you need the right players. I don't know if it's just me, but every time I use a guy who's unsuited to play the F9 he doesn't drop deep, even if he has the stats. I'm guessing a CF-Su + AF-A can work too. I've occasionally used two PF-Su with pacey, hardworking players and it was great seeing them help the defense and then rush taking the ball forward on the counter.
  11. Kinda hard to visualize the tactics due to formating, but you seem to be doing well, I mean, by the sound of it you barely have any depth!
  12. I've been trying a flat 3 playing as Derby. I'm a few seasons in and I barely spent anything on players and I tried to balance the finances, so I'm basically aiming for the playoffs at best because I don't have the players. I usually have the CM-D on the side of my most attacking fullback though, as he will cover that position to a certain extent. Then I have an AP-Su and a CM-Su/BBM. It's been working nicely in terms of possession and I'm creating a lot of chances in the edge of the area when the late man arrives for a shot. I feel the attacking play is varied, but I still need to make a few tweaks on defensive positioning. I'll probably try an IWB-D to cover for the BBM and help recycle possession.
  13. I'd make some observations: - How do you want to score and who is going to score? You have two players on attacking duties in the middle and the rest is on support, meaning they will take more promising positions forward but will have to make a side pass or pass it back (unless your AP can find the TM, but then again, if you play direct, he will have to be really good at holding the ball until the support arrives) - Why the IWB on D for the RB? You have a DLP-D on the same side, meaning you he will cover for your fullback - you could try a fullback on support or even some overlapping for more variety) - How do you want to win the ball back and where? You've managed 7 tackles the whole game, which probably means you were a little too passive on defense, especially taking into consideration they had nine shots on target and over 20 attempts for the match. - There is a difference between playing possession football just for the possession and actually attacking your opponent. What I mean is, with two wingers and two advanced players in the middle, you could definitely try to counter, but what happens is that you win the ball back and when you do so, your players will choose to pass it around more patiently while the opponent is still regrouping. If you see they are out of position, you want to take advantage of that. Of course, these are some things for you to think about, but I wouldn't go changing it altogether. I can say tho, that you will have to be more proactive playing home. When I play that formation, I try to go with something like this: GK - De (if you want to play a lower D-line, otherwise go SK) RB: FB-Su + overlap or FB-At Defenders: CD-De or one BPD-De (if you have a good passer with vision, decisions, first touch) LB: FB-Su or De (adjust as you watch the game and see if your CM-Su is leaving you too exposed) MCR - DLP-D MCL - CM-Su or BBM RW - IW-Su LW - W-At AMC - AM-Su (having a DLP and an AP close to each other on the pitch is overkill and they're both ball magnets, you want your other players trying to create as well) ST - TM (At) or Poacher/AF (At) (whatever works better, if your guy has pace and good off the ball use him as an AF, otherwise don't) I'd leave pressing on standard, but take the defensive line to higher and LoE to higher as well, asking some players to press more - your ST/AM and your wingers. I'd also use counter press and the counter instruction. Again, these are some tips, but ultimately you have to think of how roles play off each other and the passing options your players will have. A simple example: in this formation, your team might play more towards the right because the DLP is on the right and he will have many other options next to him, whereas the wide left players might become too isolated, so a probable solution would be to ask your CM-Su to stay wider or roam from position to explore the space on the left and have your BPD as a DCL. Now your DLP-D will drop deep to have the ball and he will be able to find either the IW-Su (I like to tell this player to sit narrower) or the CM-Su, who can then unleash the left winger or pass it to the AM (who will also drop deep and support play in the middle from time to time). Hope it helps!
  14. Depends on the AI formation and space. They will only cut inside if they have space to do so and that's to do with roles as well. A lot of roles operate the same way - they will do what they're supposed to do if the environment allows it. The IF will not cut inside and run with the ball if that means he will run into 2-3 defenders or a congested space. In that case they tend to cut inside and immediately pass it to a supporting midfielder or just take it to the wing at times. By the way, having them positioned in space from the get go can help their performance. If the AI is playing a guy at AMR your left winger at ML is going to have a lot more space when you retain the ball whereas your AML might be very close to their fullback and unable to run as much with the ball. I've once had a winger on attack destroy a defense by cutting inside (without any traits) because the space was available towards the middle, so he would cut inside and drive before delivering a deeper early cross or just run at the defence and try a through ball.
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