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  1. These are the types of goals I'm talking about...I don't understand how earlier this season no teams were hitting goals like this now teams him them like it is nothing.
  2. How do you stop a team from scoring against you outside of the box? I let up a ton of goals from outside of the box..
  3. I have been tweaking my tactics and no matter what I do or what formation I play, my team just can't score. My whole team is inconsistent and it's so hard to find players that are any good that want to come here.
  4. Back to losing pretty much every game..I don't understand why I can't win consistently..
  5. Thanks so much, I have made the recommended changes that you suggested and am now on a 4 game winning streak!
  6. Playing at Spennymoor, I got promoted relatively easy two seasons ago and lost in the plays in the national league last season. I added a few players that should have improved the team and kept most of the starters from last season. My tactics are relatively the same but my team is playing way worse this season for some reason. I can barely score now and I have cycled players and tactics, so lost on what to do to get better. http://tinypic.com/r/2zns4lh/9
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