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  1. The regular Editor is for free normally,i have it. Download it from steam tools. For the in-game editor you need to pay.
  2. ID questions

    thanks,now i'v figured it out how it works. could anyone answer my other questions,please.
  3. ID questions

    hey thanks for the reply and suggestion already. But it seems that this is not working for me. just tried to do it the way you've explained. you can see that i've used the example of Roberto Mancini's ID. What i want is that when i add the ID in the searchbar,you get the result of the person with that ID in the searchfield. Maybe i'm still doing something wrong or it isn't possible. ps:sorry for the dutch screenshots.
  4. ID questions

    hey, why do some retired persons (McManaman,Jardel,Alan Shearer....) have some custom ID's (13946....)? i would like it if you unclick their retirement,they should have back their usual id,so you can add them to a club as scout,assistent-mangaer,.... this beeing said,i'm searchin for some ID's of some persons: (if this is against copyright rules,i do understand,please don't ban me but just delete this) *Antonio Benarrivo (dob 21/08/1968) *Rene Rydlewicz (dob 18/07/1973) *Francesco Coco (dob 08/01/1977) *Gunter Netzer (dob 14/09/1944) *Ulrich Borowka (dob 19/05/1962) *Andrea Winckler (dob 01/12/1969) *Davide Fontolan (24/02/1966) thanks if someone can provide me those. another question: would it be possible to add a searchfunction in the editor where you can search by the id of a player. example:if i add the number 12523 in the search bar,it would direct me to Roberto Mancini. why i want this,simply because i don't recognize every player that is in the sortitoutsi megapack,i would help me with my research in finding pics for it.
  5. used this but i don't think this is normal,it should be 38 fixtures imo: http://oi48.tinypic.com/qpi4qg.jpg anyone else have the same?
  6. can you create also an Belgian pack here's one for RSC Anderlecht if usefull http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/44/3564constantVandenStockStadium.jpg
  7. gonna download & try this soon,looks promissing
  8. Benelux Update

    i was talking about the European places,that he wanna delete them all for us =(
  9. Benelux Update

    Anderlecht not good for you Belgian teams are making progress in European competitions lately,i'm speaking about a period of the latest 3 seasons.Belgium is currently placed as 10th in the Uefa coefficient ranking.For such a small country as we are isn't that bad imo.
  10. Barclays Premier League Fixtures 2012-13

    thank you very much
  11. indeed,i play with an edited db which i've created. i'll try it whitout that one.
  12. i've downloaded this but i can only find an xml file not a dbc file.That's not working for me,i'm getting error when selecting it,can you fix this please.
  13. thanks,i'll check them out when i've got more time.i hope that they are up to date with patch 12.2.
  14. found cyrpus (thanks themodelcitizen),can anyone help me with the other nations,please,big thanks
  15. hey, since the new patch came out,i can't play some leagues anymore when starting a new game with it. can somebody help me out with finding these working for patch 12.2 latvia,georgia,estonia,lithuania,albania,azerbeijdan,cyprus big thanks in advance