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  1. - Ability to select U21s when managing national teams (either this or fix the bug where some U21s teams never make call ups and end up with their youngest players in their 30s) - Ability to interact with players on national team to boost their morale (players on AI teams often have very poor morale and you cannot influence it at all) - Germany and japan national teams need to be tuned up to be stronger (they're always losing to weaker teams) - Ai mentality during matches needs fixing (why do they play contain when they're losing in knockout games?) - Ai needs to be more agg
  2. A couple of bugs I hope will be fixed in the next release: - I've noticed 90% of matches between AI teams result in at least 1 injured player - 50% of the time, getting an injured player in a match makes you play with 10 men even if you bring on a sub - Opening Training page causes squad order in Tactics to be messed up - Some national team U21s never make new call ups and end up playing an aged squad (all above 21 year olds) - Not sure if bug or not but when managing a national team, you can't select call ups to U21 team. - Automatic declining of transfer offers,
  3. Same issues here since game release. Perfect/ideal mentoring starts off 'forming a strong bond' or 'working well together' before halfway in, 'showing little progress' then finally 'not working well together' with both players hating each other.
  4. Agreed. I think they should return to a single colour ball like last year's.
  5. Loving the new version so far, the media and player thoughts are really nice, but there's a few things I wish could be changed. My pet peeve of the update is the new display of home or away stats during matches. I really, really miss the brackets system in previous years, it was so much easier to read passes attempted and completed etc. I like the dribbles and misses attempted and completed columns but having no brackets makes it an absolute headache to look at. I also prefer the old orange match ball since the new white and black is a bit hard on the eyes. Can we get an option to b
  6. I'd like to suggest an alternative view of a player's achievements page that tallies how many champions league titles or league titles etc. are won, rather than have to scroll down their page and try to count them all! This would really improve my satisfaction in looking at a retiring player's achievements a lot more, and just be able to tell at a glance, who has been my most successful decorated player in club history. Similarly, it would also be nice to have a club history page with a list of the club's top 5 scorers of all time. And other stats like how many trophies the club has won
  7. Some more wishes: Ability to train players role traits like Plays one-two's or Tries Long Passes etc. Ability to train players in free-kicks, corners, and penalties (if they improve in all fields, they can eventually become experts in dead ball situations) An adjustment to primary attributes of roles that provide identical training eg. central defender vs no-nonsense centre-back, defensive midfielders vs anchor man, complete forward vs trequartista, so that all roles train different attributes, giving us more options in training
  8. Some wishes of mine: Regen nationalities to be more random because there's been too many years of Portuguese Ronaldo's, Swedish Zlatan's, Polish Lewandowski's regens etc. A new page to show a ranking of clubs and how many continental trophies they've won e.g. CL/Europa Leagues. Similarly, a page for countries and the number of world cups they've won A history page for managers and where they've previously managed Goalkeeping coaches reworked (their training page is always empty compared to other coaches)
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