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  1. That's about all I've done to tweak mine too, although I upped the closing of the centre backs a notch or two as well, as they were hanging back and allowing shots from range, which was where I was conceding almost half my goals from (i don't concede many). Also, don't know if you can alter anything to change it (I can't think of anything other than to experiment with set pieces), but I concede a fair few from set pieces too Still, only conceded 16 in 36, scored 83. .
  2. I simply unchecked the counter attacking box to cope with the re-rank. It worked fine, but I still switched back and used it for some games. My team play very good passing football though, which may be why it works for them.
  3. Cleon did a good thread on reading the after match stats and using them to modify tactics. It made all the difference for me between strong title contenders, with every chance of winning, and upping it a notch to domestic domination and one of the top teams on the continent. If particular players are completing very few passes, I'd shorten their passing distances a little. worked for me. other reccomendations are on the thread, but I didn't really need very much else, as my heading and tackling rates were great. I just stopped my midfielders from shooting so much too, it meant we played the ball more, and in turn, scored more goals.
  4. Tactic works fine with the patch. The above mentioned record started with the first game beginning on a patched version of the game. It works fine, you may need to just tweak it a little to fit your team a bit better.
  5. Current record this season, including continental competition (Copa Sudamerica): Played: 16 Won: 13 Drawn: 2 Lost: 1 My team has now improved vastly though, and I am now one of the better teams in the league. Using a team that does have an advantage like this I find that upping the mentality 2 or 3 notches, and upping the tempo 2 or 3 notches results in an absolute mauling on the opposition. My only loss was away to River, one of 3 or 4 teams as strong as mine. I went up 2-0, got 10 manned in the first half, and lost 3-2. If you can get a good goalkeeper in, and good defenders, then up the mentality and tempo, it has brought me a lot more attacking success than previously. So far, in those 16 games, scored 40, conceded 7. For home games I almost always leave the tactic as it is default, other than the mentality and tempo. Away games, I almost always use the tweaks, switching between turning holding up the ball off, free role my pace striker, both of these at the same time, and changing passing focus to mixed and target man supply to mixed. Results are very good. I don't see any potential area's to improve this with my team as it is at the moment, although when they were weaker, a couple of seasons ago, they tended to get caught out on the break a bit. I tried holding my full backs back a little more to combat this, but there wasn't that much of a change.
  6. Whoo!! Starting off as a League 2 manager, now 12 seasons in, and after using this tactic for 4 seasons, tweaking all the way, I am finally on track to win a major trophy (Argentinian Premier Division). 19 games played, 11 won, 5 drawn, 3 lost, currently on a win streak of 6 in a row. Thanks Fuss!!!
  7. In re-reading that, I realise I may not have been as clear as I thought I was What I mean is that I use it in the way it is meant to be, with the target man, and do very well, but since my target man isn't amazing (i'm not a top club), I also use it without, as one of my prematch tweaks. This is due to my only having the one decent target man in my entire squad. So when I rest him, I use one of my clinical/pacy strikers in his place, and either change passing to mixed instead of flanks, and mixed to target man instead of head, or just put it to mixed and scrap using the target man. It still works fine. I've even scored 6 in one game twice this season, which I've just finished in 8th place. As I said though, I have tweaked this tactic slightly, and play it just a little bit shorter on the passing all around. Also, my pacy strikers can head the ball when need be, which is a huge advantage for me.
  8. I've left the set pieces as they are. I don't really concede very many from set pieces, although this may also be due to my defensive line being good in the air. Offensively, I tend to score a fair few from corners and from long passed free kicks from nearer the halfway line, but it's rare I score from those closer free kicks. I may look into tweaking that tonight, but I've spent much of the day slowly tweaking the tactic and re-tweaking etc, to get it to work well. Currently undefeated in 9, winning 8 and only conceding 4, which is good since my team was only promoted to the top flight one season ago.
  9. Okay guys, I still stick by what I said: This is a very good tactic. But, as has been said, it's not a super tactic, and it won't work for everyone. I currently use it with a target man for crosses and long balls, and without the target man. The key, in my opinion, is to use it as a base tactic. A couple of good threads to read would be the ranking and re-ranking thread, the tactical basis thread (I forget the actual name, but I think it may have been done by rashidi?) and Cleon's post on reading after match stats. Use all of these, and you can tweak the tactic very well, to suit, in my opinion, nearly every team and nearly every situation. Don't forget the pre-match tweaks either. No tactic will work every time. No tactic will work for everyone, or every team. But this is a very good base tactic, and very easy to understand and use, if you put a little time into reading the above mentioned posts, the game information, and actually give it a chance.
  10. Tweaking after 45 minutes definitely helps throw the AI off. I can usually come from behind and win, or at least draw with a couple of small tweaks. Also, to counter the second season slump if finishing way above expected as happened in my case, I've just nudged mentality up from 10 to 13, it seems to work fine. This may not work for everyone though, it works for me I think mainly because I build my team from the back forwards, always looking for strong defenders and a good goalkeeper. I prefer to win 1-0 than 3-2.
  11. I'd also like to give tribute to the adaptability and success of this tactic. Away, and against a stronger team, I managed to use it to win 3-1, despite being 9 manned by half time, and 8 by full time. Obviously I moved players around when sendings off occured, first dropping to just a target man up front, then one MC, then 3 centre backs
  12. I think the tactic depends on the team too. I've used tactics with some teams that other people say worked for them, but didn't for me. I started using this particular tactic with Swindon Town in League Two, and as I said, results became more to the extremes, but still about the same. In the end, I resigned, and have now took over at Union in the Argentinian Premier Division. I implemented this tactic straight away, and despite this being their first season in the APD after promotion, and the chairmans goal being to rebuild the team, I've managed to set the team up with a good low average age (25) and only made one signing (for the subs bench), and am first with this tactic after 19 games (won 12, drawn 6, lost 1). I even held Boca (away!) to a draw with 6 of my starting 11 out with injuries and suspensions. However, I am getting a lot of sendings off just recently, but so are a number of teams playing against me. This hasn't really happened in the other leagues before. Is this a bug? Something to do with the tactic? Or just plain bad luck?
  13. I have personally tried this tactic, but I play with two all out wingers (side AMF's) rather than side mids, since my squad doesn't have the players for it, and since I'm in League 2 with no transfer budget and still 5k above my wage budget (was 15k over when I took the job last season!!) I can't change that. The formation helped me play in what I believe to be a better way, but the results are still mixed although to more extremes. Rather than my 1-0 wins I used to get, I now get 3-1, 4-1, 3-0 etc when I win. Rather than 0-0 draws, I get 1-1 and 2-2 draws, and rather than losing 1-0, I lose 3-1, 2-0, etc etc. Basically, the scoring for each side has just been upped, but results are still mixed. So my question is this: Can this formation be modified slightly to make it work with AMF's instead of CM's? Or should I just play my AMF's out of position? What penalties do they incur when out of position? They aren't great crossers as it is, and I don't have a great target man either, but my side players are very pacy, especially for a low divison (Left side Acc 18, pace 17, right side acc 17, pace 17) and can both score on headers, and can pass well. So far, to balance between the more attacking wingers, i've had the centre mids sit back a bit more, and the full backs not as rampant. Thoughts? Ideas?
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