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    computer games football manager my all time favourite i am a carer for my wife and daughter.

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  1. The whole point of this game is the word challenge and using your imagination! If the game was made to easy and simple it would come rather repetitive and very dull! Take the advice of some of the guys on here and go forward young man, good luck
  2. Your not allowed an opinion if you have only played the demo hence the troll baiting from others! Now I have played FM15 and so it has a few bugs but it doesn't stop you from playing the damn thing and in truth it's enjoyable. My outlook on your first statement is the real factor is that you will buy it only after it's been patched a few times in which is fine. But going on the negative approach has made your whole statement worthless like a 20 year old laxative left out of it's packet for a year
  3. So basically the OP is under the impression that you only come a good manager with a weak team after a few seasons because the AI is incompetent and complacent? If I was Jim Royale from the Royale family I would have to say my arse!
  4. I gather the upload has a reject option in it if it thinks the photo's are explicit or if the faces are butt ugly!
  5. What this means is that the club hold the players registration and if he is indeed being offered a contract by another club the player can go only if you pay that players club a compensation package to what he is valued. On this case the Welsh club feel he is worth 250,000 and he is free to move to your club for that fee.
  6. I wouldn't say it's a bug more of a coding issue which needs to be improved!
  7. Maybe in later additions we could have tracksuit manager option / tactics manager option and of course football director option where you can set ticket prices, organize sponsors deals and sell and buy shares in the club.
  8. FM07 in my opinion is the best in the series and the match engine is superb! FM15 is good but not great like FM07 is and it will always be my favorite until SI manage to match that and I am still waiting!
  9. Do you think sometimes bugs excuse gets used too much because its a lack of peoples creative minds?
  10. There is an old English saying a workman never blames his work tools! Be more creative and accept a challenge because that is the whole basis of the format of this game!
  11. Stick to your guns like David Moyes and you are sure to make it past Xmas! After that only the board can decide good luck
  12. Because 217,000 people didn't log in and the 3000 that didn't vote from the views had only been playing the game for the past couple of years! Oh and before you ask no it wont be raining in London tomorrow:p
  13. I have started of FM15 with a 3 man central defense and two wing backs on attack! The two midfielders and two strikers with one striker just behind the central striker. Still pre-season right now as it takes me ages to play this game where I can play so many successive matches at one go. Be interesting how it pans out as I have won all my friendlies so far and my next match is my 1st league game of the season so will use the formation for the time being and will report back once I have played enough matches to decide if it is a good way to play
  14. Okay thought about creating a post with regards to this new addition and behold someone beat me to the punch I have found this to be totally useless so far and no matter how much I try to give the player a boost or a kick up the backside it fails! Now is it a case of miss-management on my part or is the concept flawed?
  15. AFC Wimbledon my team I support in real life
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