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  1. Yes. Created a club. Just wanted to see how it works. Now I see the latest FMs are very tactics oriented. Suffice to play a misteriously 4141DM with inverted wingers and wide midfielders and you re topping the charts easily. No matter players are only fitting the roles at about orange quality... That is awkward to say the least. But thanks alot, all, for observations and advice Malice never hurts, also. I started a new season on real Arsenal this time. Not that bad this time.
  2. Yes. Doing it now. But the main issue - equalisers coming out of nowhere etc - still stands. It's there, under the nice skin of this game. Ty, Wixxi.
  3. Thanks a lot, guys, for everything you put into my dilemmas. How very true, about the Fernandinho thing... And, pheelf, this Annunaki team of mine is conceding all of them possible goals, it's not mostly free kicks or mostly counters... every possible situation is there and I even tried to play a match (vs Liverpool) several times, on different tactics and got the SAME result 4 times in a row... 1-2 at home, with a fast equaliser and a late winner, last 10 minutes even though I brought freshh legs and all. Guess I'm trying to solve the Arsenal problem through creating a dreamteam, but I'm not very good at picking The Dreamers correctly. Will start an Arsenal game without big guns and see if I can sort out the RL mess at Emirates. And will assuredly check out the optimusprimal guide. Thanks again!
  4. Ok. I'm playing mostly 4231Wide, control and cautious. Counter activated, fast distribution to playmaker(s). Ederson, Bellerin, Koscielny, Sokratis, Kolasinac or Mendy, Rabiot and Ramsey/Bernardo Silva then Bailey/Chiesa, Nabil Fekir/Ozil and Martial with some fabulous dude I got from Italy, Icardi. As you can see, not many of them the type that loses focus after 1-0. At first I thought it might be because some of the players are not focused enough right after they score. But, focus would mainly count with defenders... and they are all of them very competent. Sokratis...Koscielny...Christensen.. I also brought in Milenkovic... no way. Then I said to myself, ok, it happens IRL all the time... but not THAT often. I usually do some slight modifications to tactics after I score. Like shorter passing, time wasting, tighter marking (that's another problem... tighter marking doesn't seem to have any effect, whatsoever. Mostly against The Giants... ManUtd, City, Chelsea...) Nothing I tried prevents them from equalising almost immediately. And, funny enough, my team never gets to equalise in the same manner, ever never ever. I mean... why aren't my players also motivated by being lead? Just adding that I carefully edit their instructions, if necessary, before every game. Bah, maybe they just need more playing time together, right? Few more seasons and the machinery will start working.
  5. I am extremely pissed off, I am getting the old feeling that the computer is cheating on me. Playing now with Arsenal and each and every match I am getting equalised immediately after I score. By any team, no matter what tactics I use, same thing happens again and again and again. As if all the opposition waits for to express it's talents is for my team to score. Otherwise the opposition is usually pathetic. The only moment they suddenly wake up and do something is right after my team scores. That's ridiculous. Also, you can bet your life there will be a late equaliser, in the extra time usually, if you are only leading by one goal. Been playing this game since 1992... it had good versions and bad versions... all in all it always seemed to become better. But this feeling that you're somehow cheated never left the AI routines of this game. I don't expect to win each and every match in the game, after all it's a tough league and that's what I like most about it, but I can't help notice something is very wrong when you get 8 draws in a row, with the same patterns... no matter the tactics, no matter the player quality. Don't know, really. Does anyone have something like an insight, an advice?
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