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  1. Okay, I'm doing well so far, 10 wins, 1 draw and 1 lose.But the problem is that the team can't creat chances, doesn't play good football.If I promote to the Premier Division, then we can talk about new tactic I've applied some of your suggestions and they seem to work well.
  2. Thank you so much for your efforts and experience No, it's not problem, I can change my playing style to counter-attack or something different, but when I checked the team report first day, I saw that the team is overally good at passing, vision and so on.After this, I decided to make a possession based tactic, but any tactic different from mine is more than welcome So, what would you suggest? What should I play? After watching some games, I can conclude that the team isn't bad at possession football.Yeah, not sufficient to dominate the league, but enough to promote
  3. I thought that when inside forwards tend to play in the middle, they always leave spaces at their original positions.Changing wingbacks to attack duty would fill the spaces created by IFs.Because wingbacks with attack duty are more likely to fill those spaces than wingbacks with support duty, I think.That was my reasoning Another question popped up in my mind.What is the use of AP with support duty in possesion football? And the same question for Mezzala with attacking duty.
  4. Thank you so much for your suggestions Before seeing your post, I had changed my wingbacks from support to attack and mezzala to MC.With these changings, I played against Arsenal and the match ended in a draw, but my statistics were much better than Arsenal's.Like shoots, possession and so on.I'll apply your suggestions without any doubt, because they seem incredibly logical.But before applying, I would like to ask another question.Despite the fact that I have much more shoots (like 20-2, 25-1), possession and so on, I can't score.What's the reason for this? By the way, I'm looking forward to
  5. Oh, sorry, mate, it was meant to be 4-1-2-2-1 I've uploaded the team formation and some player informations.
  6. Hello, guys, I've just started a new career with West Bromwich Albion and I'm trying to fit a tactic to the team.I created a 4-1-2-2-3 tactic with the aim of creating posession based tactic (2 wingbacks, one BPD and one CD, a deep lying playmaker, an advanced playmaker, a mezzala, two inside forwards and a F9) but it didn't work.I watched my first match and realized that my team can't advance in the attack, they are playing at their own field, passing, dribbling, but they can't open up the game.After so many passing, they play a long ball, if one of inside forwards catch the ball, he just drib
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