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  1. I'm wondering this because, with South Africa, when the Olympic Games were about to start, I wanted to play it myself. But I could never find how to manage the Olympic team. I went into all the menus, never found anything. Now I just saw that the qualifications for the African nation championship (CHAN) are done by the B team (or A') (don't know about the actual CHAN), and I'm scared I won't be the manager for those games. So I come before those games are played to ask how to manage more than the first team, and if by defaut I'm the manager of the B team. (PS: my staff only include
  2. Scouting -> player search By defaut the nationality is filtered, so you have all the players that can be called, including the ones with double nationality that haven't decided yet
  3. Got a new stadium in june 2032, got an expansion accepted in august 2032
  4. Goof ol' kick & rush with Messi up top On another subject, this is going pretty well...
  5. He is currently at B level. So he has the level of the B team. The next logical step is the first team. That's the point with young players. They reach a level, become good enough at that level and get promoted to try to improve to be good enough at that new level.
  6. Who cares about Fifa? I don't. And I don't think real life football is influenced by the match engine
  7. Although tactics may be involved, keep in mind that FM also always had that aspect in it.
  8. From my experience it usually ends right after the transfer window Yeath but Newcastle still buys players
  9. Alison Brie is a strong argument. But with internet now bringing us all the good parts, I don't know Jokes aside, is it a good show? I didn't know it was a comedy, I could use a comedy, and one with Alison Brie could be fun, like she was in Community. I started Making a Murderer, and I thought first season was 5 episodes, so I thought "5 episodes about that one case, that's long, but I can't make it". Now I saw it's 10 episodes, and season 2 is also on the same case. 20 episodes. Can't do it. First episodes was already pretty long. I find it extremely biased, one-sided, and emotionally m
  10. Yeah if you think that's funny. I don't. A lot of people don't. And his employer doesn't. I don't see the funny part in pretending to rape kids and beat up your gf. Like, I really don't. There is absolutely nothing funny about it.
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