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  1. This brilliant MC has been played at DC by my assistant every game for almost a year he went from awkward to natural in a year which is amazing but I would never play him there cause of his height of just 166CM and multiple other reasons Anyway just wanted to share this and see if anyone else has had a similar experience
  2. Sadly the file I uploaded is the earliest I have and that's after the promise was made but before the last offer for him and where the issue was found which was on deadline day (2 days after the save)
  3. So I promised Maxcence Prevot that he could leave at the end of the season as Lille (a much more attractive club) was interested in him he accepted. But then on the championship transfer deadline day (2nd of feburary) they come in with a offer and the agents says expects offer to be accepted due to the promise It might have been that the he wouldn't have joined the till the end of the season due to their deadline but I still you should have to option to wait till the end of the season with that promise I've uploaded the file Jack Karlsson - Unemployed_Hull.fm on the cloud you might have to sim a few days
  4. I realised the issue here and it was the wage cap of €24,500 p/w in CSL and he was already on €50,000 p/w so he obivously don't want to downgrade his wage
  5. I think you're sort of able to do this already with the roles for example your left back on Complete wing back and right back on Full back defend One of your CMs on a attacking role and the left mid on inverted winger
  6. So I wanted to buy Pedro Delgado I've had bids accepted multiple times but every time it says "Delgado isn't currently interested in entering contract negotiations" Despite this the scout reports says extremly interested (Was the same when it said slight interest earlier) and every time a player urges him to move the reports says he's very interested He is also my top transfer target I've uploaded a file called Jack Karlsson - Transfer issue.fm on the cloud Steps to reproduce: Bid for Pedro Delgado from Shandong Luneng
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